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    4:25 PM, Tuesday February 27th 2024

    Thank you!

    8:03 PM, Sunday February 25th 2024

    Thank you!

    This is a great starting point. I'll experiment with the surface approach and going through the optimus exercises. I'll reach again if it is still confusing.

    9:13 PM, Thursday January 4th 2024

    Hi, Dio,

    Thank you for pushing me on this one.

    Here you can find the revisions: I annotated the images with time spent in imgur.

    I would like you to construct shoulder and thigh masses, using ellipses as shown in my draw-over. You can find an additional explanation of this in the wolf demo in case you missed it. If something about this is confusing to you, let me know and I will find another way to explain it.

    I tried this approach now. In my second set, I tried to put them as "muscles". In this third set, I think I've improved it and used ellipses to represent the thigh masses. Are they supposed just to be "placeholders"?

    The majority of your feet seem to be drawn using partial shapes.

    I tried this, but you will notice I still struggle.

    Think back to this diagram I shared with you previously, how when masses first as they exist on their own, in the void, as a ball of soft meat.

    I tried to make the masses exist on their own and be less flimsily. But, I struggle a lot in this area. Conceptualizing the form wrapping in my head is hard, putting it to ink is harder.

    If there is something in the feedback provided that is unclear or confusing, you are allowed to ask for clarification

    Your comments are crystal clear. The problem is me. I read the lessons, read your comments, and the amount of information is overwhelming.

    I end up focusing in some parts of the technique, rather than the whole thing. Does that make sense? For example, in my first set I tried to focus on the sausages, but almost ignored the head construction and other parts.

    Any tips on horn and tail constructions? I feel like they are not good in my constructions. What if I use a similar technique to plants? Create a line for flow, then add small ellipsis and connect everything together.

    Draw along with the informal head demo following each step exactly as shown, as closely as you can.

    I did this, but I threw it away. I can do it again if it needed uploading.

    I'll refrain from self-critique, because I can already see some problems in my constructions (which is good, I'm learning). I'm happier with these constructions, but, please, if you think I need to do more constructions, push me.

    Thank you.

    3:33 AM, Friday December 29th 2023

    Hi, Dio,

    Thank you for your feedback. I redrew 3 ones, and drew 2 new ones:

    There are a few indicators that suggest you might (in some areas) be underestimating just how much time these drawings might demand of you.

    This was a key assessment. I reflected a lot on it, and it goes beyond drawing. I always feel constrained on time and rush things. For the next set of 5 drawings requested, I took as much time as I needed. I didn't spread the construction between days, but I spread between the same day.

    I took 3x longer to complete each one, compared to before. It's not an indicator, but just to say that I tried to be more careful.

    There are a few places where your linework is a bit stiff and hesitant. As introduced here with the second principle of markmaking, our lines must flow smoothly. Make sure you are employing the ghosting method, to full effect, for every line you draw.

    You will notice my constructions have a lot of "dots" everywhere. I found it easier to first place those, similar to the techniques in Lesson 1, in order to have a better proportion. Then, I applied the ghosting technique to a few of those. I find it hard to apply the ghosting technique to small details (e.g. the bulky part around the knees).

    I won't quote all other things, but I read it through a few times. Thank you once again.

    P.S.: Loved your cow abduction drawing!

    1:15 AM, Tuesday October 17th 2023

    Wow. Thanks for this incredible critique, Dio. Especially for doing the mantidfly construction!

    I'm very happy with this lesson because I started to think in 3D. It's not perfect, but I could feel the change. I still have a hard time wrapping forms around other forms. Hopefully, that will come with time.

    Thank you so much once again,


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    7:05 AM, Monday September 25th 2023

    Very cool

    1:24 AM, Sunday September 3rd 2023

    Hello @Tofu, thank you for your review.

    Please, find the exercises you requested again here:

    I think the organic forms with contours are better now. I feel like I'm "bending" them and with a more confident lines.

    However, I am still struggling with the organic intersections exercise. I'm having a hard time putting into paper the 3d sense of it. I'd appreciate any more tips or exercises to improve it. My attempt is better now, but still not ideal. I might do a few more before moving to Lesson 3.

    Thank you once again,


    8:48 AM, Monday August 7th 2023

    Hello, Tofu,

    Thanks for your review. You can find it here the 20 boxes: .

    Please, feel free to request more if this is still not in the desired state.

    One thing I want to comment, and I need your guidance on, is the way I drew them this time. For these extra 20, I tried to focus on the vanishing points better. What I did is I traced some ghosted lines until the point, and then worked my way out to create the box.

    Previously, on the other 250, I just tried to "imagine" where the point would be and then did the lines. I was trying to practice my spatial thinking with it.

    If you compare the results, however, the new 20 are much better - specially the last 5. But it felt like cheating. As I traced to the VPs using the ghosted lines. Is that OK?

    11:08 PM, Saturday June 17th 2023

    @Rob, thank you so much for your considerations. Good to know I'm in the right track. I'm going to start the 250 boxes challenge soon.

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