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    2:14 AM, Sunday August 7th 2022

    Oh ok... Thanks elodin

    12:16 AM, Sunday August 7th 2022

    Thank you for the advice... i will make sure to perform better for next submission

    3:04 PM, Saturday August 6th 2022

    Hi Paperhat

    I feel grateful for you to take look and critiquing my homeworks... Honestly, i thank you for your critiquing my weaknesses in my homeworks.

    As you mention, I am, indeed rushing my homeworks, because in Uncomfortable's video, he mentions to do homeworks to " The best of your current ability" And also because of fear that the longer I do the exercises, more anxiety i will experience about how should i follow the exercises

    Also i want to ask you:

    1 Can I critique other's homework right now or should i wait before my lessons marked as complete?

    2 If my lessons have been marked as complete and after that, submit new lessons, should i wait one week just like lesson 1?

    Once again, Thank you for your critique

    5:16 AM, Saturday August 6th 2022

    Hi Elodin

    Yeah... I have already connected discord to my drawabox account. Btw, can i start for critique other now or should i wait for your critique first before i can do that?

    12:55 AM, Sunday July 31st 2022

    Lol... everyone recommends me the official no matter how broke i am... maybe later i'll do it

    11:30 AM, Saturday July 30th 2022

    Honestly, i can't afford it right now, i try to follow for community review by posting my homeworks in here and in discord server

    12:45 PM, Friday July 29th 2022

    I see.. Thanks for the info

    11:19 AM, Friday July 29th 2022

    Do you get critique for your homeworks much quicker when you signed patreon membership for official critique compare to doing free community critique?

    For example, you submit the homeworks in community critique style, you wait for days or maybe even months for the homeworks to be critiqued, but when you submit it in official critique style, you get critiqued in 1 to 2 days after you submit it

    Is that how official critique works? ( i'm sorry if it's kind of rude but i just want to know)

    3:00 AM, Tuesday July 5th 2022

    Oh hey Uncomfortable!

    I have listened to your tutorial video and i now realize that i am working in vacuum. I should just read the instruction, do the exercise to my best and submit it no matter how bad it is, not just practicing by myself until i understand it. I thought by practicing the exercise many time on many paper myself before i submit the exercisee, i will, at least understood how to do it.

    Thank you for your help

    3:41 PM, Monday July 4th 2022

    Thanks for the advice... Now i know what to do

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