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    6:27 AM, Friday August 5th 2022

    Thank you, will work on the flaws trying to incorporate them in warm-ups. Really helpful critique. Have fun doing your exercises :)

    4:28 PM, Friday July 22nd 2022

    Thank you so much and no worries, happened to me also. There's not so much distinction between being logged in and not. Also since this is not official critique it wasn't blocking me at all, I simply moved on to the next lesson, so no harm done :)

    Thanks again for all the pointers and taking your time to do the critique


    9:11 AM, Sunday June 26th 2022


    First of all thank you for taking time to critique my work. I've tried to analyze my work too and I think my problem isn't with understanding the concepts (I can draw a box with a ruller using vanishing points just fine) but with as I like to call it double E: estimating and execution which in my case is nowhere near perfect. And I really hope this will come with practice and become muscle memory at some point.

    Anyway I tried my best to rectify my mistakes from 250 box challenge in these additional 50 boxes drill. As requested I added thickness and hatching although I don't care about bonus points ;) I'm here to learn not gain points ;) (Although I understand it's just a figure of speech)

    You can find my work at the imgur link below and I would really appreciate if you could review and critique that. Thanks again!



    3:50 PM, Tuesday May 31st 2022

    Thank you very much for this really helpful, in depth critique. :)

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The Art of Blizzard Entertainment

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