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    3:44 AM, Tuesday May 23rd 2023

    Yess thank you!

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    5:21 PM, Monday December 26th 2022

    I love it!

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    5:21 PM, Monday December 26th 2022

    wait whats the ai?

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    5:20 PM, Monday December 26th 2022


    7:41 AM, Thursday December 15th 2022

    Hey Dio. Thanks for you critique. I just had a question anout the informal head demo. Whats the purpose of these two sections I highlighted in green? I really don't understand the point of them. I was also gonna ask a question about additional masses but I have decided to just reread/rewatch the entire lesson 5 (which I really should have done last time oops) and if I still have questions I will ask. Thank you for your time.


    7:20 AM, Thursday December 15th 2022

    Actually the dragon course is for all skill levels! Its actually based on the how to draw anything video proko made and made a course with the idea and settled on dragons for the finale. It starts off pretty similar to drawabox from what i understand (though i havent taken it so im not completely sure.) But yeah focusing on one thing at a time is definetly a good idea.

    12:34 AM, Friday December 9th 2022

    Thank you Mr. Karim. It's good to know it's pretty natural and that I can improve. This knowledge really helps me. I definetly am impatient (adhd and ocd) but I will try to improve that moving forward. This is actually reminds me of what Proko said about chicken scratching (which I heavily struggle with outside dab.) He basically said it's the result of not being confident with your strokes. Just more to work on for me.

    12:30 AM, Friday December 9th 2022


    I couldnt find the bat or the organic intersections page but they were both done on the 1st. I added the bat with digital edits.

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    7:35 PM, Thursday December 8th 2022

    I really love the face!

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    7:34 PM, Thursday December 8th 2022

    If you have the time and money you can try taking Proko's dragon course which should help you draw very amazing dragons. I plan on taking it in the future. Nice dragon though gives me Smaug vibes!

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