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    5:30 PM, Friday August 7th 2020

    ...whoa whoa. You don't have to move SOLELY from the shoulder?! You're allowed to move the elbow too?!

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    5:20 PM, Friday August 7th 2020

    I'm currently doing Lesson 1 stuff here and also looking at perspective tutorials on youtube and such, and I've found that even when I sit down with the intent to draw for fun, I often end up doing boxy stuff, and in perspective! Little houses, furniture, crystals and so on.

    Part of it is just that being the track my brain is on, and part the fact that my practice makes me better at such things than I am at other areas of drawing, and, well, everyone likes to feel accomplished don't they? (In my case I'm doing it deliberately at least some of the time, letting myself stay in or at least close to my comfort zone during "free drawing time" so I don't get discouraged, which is otherwise easy for me I'm afraid.)

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    3:44 AM, Thursday May 14th 2020

    I think the point is that you need to learn HOW to draw lines smoothly in a single stroke. You don't HAVE to do it always if you prefer to do "fluffier" lines for style or something - but you have that tool if you need it!

    The problem for a lot of artists is that they ONLY know how to do the scratchy, interrupted lines, and there are times when smooth strokes just look better.

    1:31 PM, Tuesday February 4th 2020

    Really good point, thanks =) This helped a lot, I was able to get off my butt this morning and draw some houses and stuff. Partly based in the lessons I've done, stuff like finding the center of a rectangle in perspective and so on... but not done for the sake of lessons, just because I wanted to draw a house. It worked!

    1:29 PM, Tuesday February 4th 2020

    -grins- You know, I've heard people say that about rocks before! That you can get absolutely everything wrong and it'll still look like a rock, but if you're drawing a human face, getting the proportions just a LITTLE bit off is going to make it look like an alien...

    Also thanks for the advice, and I fear you may be right about the time thing! I'm in my 30s and took up drawing quite late, so I do often feel like I have to "catch up" because there are so many people out there who are half my age and so much better... and it's way too easy to forget that the reason they're better is because they ENJOY drawing, so they practice a lot without it feeling like a chore.

    1:24 PM, Tuesday February 4th 2020

    If I can get things moving, I'll definitely post some of my stuff to the channel, too!

    1:23 PM, Tuesday February 4th 2020

    Thanks a lot! Definitely going to try that spacegoose thing =)

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    11:46 AM, Monday February 3rd 2020

    Great work! Really solid and believable construction. I like how you gave the contour lines on the nearer wing set a bit more weight, makes it "pop" more vis a vis the cockpit.

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