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    7:58 PM, Monday August 30th 2021

    ok sure i'll do that! thanks again for all the help :D

    9:17 PM, Sunday August 29th 2021

    if its not too much trouble do you mind doing an example of this process so i can see it better? or if theres any more videos or resources i can take a look at to get a better picture of what im suppose to do? sorry for the trouble!

    2:48 PM, Sunday August 29th 2021

    thanks i havent seen this channel before but it seems pretty useful! (i'll try and take a look over the next few days) he seemed to just be skimming thru and not showing the entire drawing process of it

    if you dont mind, for example if i wanted to improve my propotions and other things with this drawing, what sort of specific process or steps should i take in order to go about this so i actually improve? (sorry im usually not very smart with this kinda stuff and i need explanions + details)

    i assume its just sort of "oh the shape of the eye is wrong or theres too much space in between both eyes" according to the reference

    then id re-draw the correct eye by hand overtop of my actual drawing (with opacity down)? but just want to confirm in-case im misunderstanding anything!

    8:30 PM, Saturday August 28th 2021

    hi thanks a lot for the reply! im not sure what you mean by

    "re-draw what you have done using both your drawing and the original as references. This should provide you with an improved iteration of your drawing. Repeat if you like."

    do you mean just, re-drawing it once again but looking at my drawing + reference to see where i went wrong?

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