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    7:09 PM, Saturday July 11th 2020

    Revisions located here:

    I also attached a screen shot of my scanner settings. I think I was drawing too lightly in the last submission.

    Going forward, I think I am going to leverage the community half-way or take a step back. I def. lost sight of what the lessons were trying to teach me and got caught up in flow.

    Lastly, need to meditate on finding a balance between the fun/love of drawing and "Doing the work". I am trying to master the fundamentals currently and that means "Doing the work". As always thank you for your feedback, patience and critique.


    5:24 AM, Friday May 15th 2020

    Will do I think the only setting i have adjusted is 300dpi. Thanks for the tip!

    8:48 PM, Thursday May 14th 2020

    Additional page of form intersections located here:

    Took a little more time with this one specifically focusing on intersections. I think this is going to be my new go to for practice for awhile. That said, some of the intersections are starting to feel more natural. Need more practice with sphere intersections though.

    Thanks again for your feedback and help.


    3:47 PM, Sunday May 3rd 2020

    Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate all the help. Moving on to Lesson 2.


    2:10 PM, Tuesday April 28th 2020


    What's up man! Couple weeks back I realized I was doing the "Silver" challenge and not getting "Gold". I also became a Patron which forced me to start over "sigh". I just completed the 250 box challenge oin "Gold".

    Thank you so much for critiquing my work. I am feeling a little discouraged at the moment because I have made so much progress in Silver. At the moment I am pausing on the "Silver" track. Thank you for all your help and insights. It's actually make the "Gold" track go alot quicker.

    3:53 PM, Monday April 6th 2020

    Thanks man! Appreciate the feedback. Piece of advice I like to give beginners, remember its not a sprint or marathon, learning art is cross-continental journey that will test everything. Don't get too stressed or frustrated. Take it day by day.

    3:51 PM, Monday April 6th 2020

    Hey man thanks alot! Between lessons I like to experiment with new mediums. Keeps things fresh.

    3:05 AM, Friday March 20th 2020


    Second round of revisions can be found here.

    These felt really good this time around. I think the donkey legs can be improved on but I correct it in a warmup moving forward. I never thought I would be able to draw an animal at the start of this lesson. I am feeling alot of positive energy and momentum at the moment.

    10:15 AM, Wednesday March 18th 2020


    Revisions can be found here:

    Feeling a lot more comfortable with animals. Especially the heads. Feeling really good about the Cheetah. Thanks again for your time, critiques and feedback. It is helping me improve so much. You are one of the few that has been very active on reviewing work. Thank you for that. It has inspired me to go back and do more critiques for other students.

    3:07 PM, Tuesday March 10th 2020


    Thank you so much for your feedback. I know you are a busy dude. I appreciate your patience as I work through the fundamentals.

    I feel like I am making a lot of the same mistakes I am supposed to be learning from other assignments. Going to change my approach a bit and write the feedback down on sticky notes and put it in front of me. I think I need to stop and think more after each form and line is drawn about what the next step is. I am trying to be free flowing and missing a lot of fundamentals.

    One re-occurring error I am making is "Drawing through forms". To make sure that I am understanding this correctly. The point of "Drawing through forms" is to show connections of shapes in 3d space. Is that correct?

    For example, I missed the back leg thigh masses in some of my animals. I just drew the portion that was visible which was the leg coming down on the opposite side of the animal (This side also contains the cast shadow). What I should have down is lightly drawn the thigh mass on the opposite side then shown the back leg connecting to it.

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