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    5:17 PM, Tuesday May 21st 2024

    Thanks but my main answer actually is that what if im was with a course that teaches a difrent thing than the thing im learning with the 3 week cycle

    love that advice tho

    10:45 AM, Monday May 20th 2024

    ty so much

    1:14 PM, Monday April 8th 2024

    Thanks but i am using ballpoint pen in my exercises and also i know that it isn't to practice freehand curves but i am comfortable enough to freehand my curve

    7:34 PM, Saturday March 30th 2024

    i know the fact that 2 agreements mean you will get a completion badge but i thought that i have to get the completion badge to move on to the boxes challange. i got some errors in my mind.

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    6:47 PM, Thursday March 28th 2024

    Thats beuatyfull

    12:15 PM, Wednesday March 27th 2024

    OMG!!!!!!!!! UNCOMFORTABLE IM SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))))

    7:11 PM, Tuesday March 26th 2024

    Thanks for the time and effort from your feedback it was really helpful i now realized that ellipses should be even. but i appreciate your feedback :)))))))

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    9:57 AM, Sunday March 24th 2024

    first i see some awkwardly egg shaped ovals on your Ellipses in Planes pages probably look out for that. secondly at the Funnels page i see some asymmetrical halves of the oval the minor axis havent cut them into 2 symatrical halves strive for 2 symatrical halves. thirdly i see some wobbly lines at the rough prespective pages remeber confidince over accuracy oh and also i see some vertical lines being a bit slanted they should be perpendicular to the horizen line strive for that. forthly i see some weirdly skewed boxes at the Organic Perspective pages mainly because of the y method i dont blame. but all of that aside its okay to make unintended mistakes your homework are great you may pass.

    Next Steps:

    now you should go to the 250 boxes challange go complete it

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete, and 2 others agree. The student has earned their completion badge for this lesson and should feel confident in moving onto the next lesson.
    10:18 AM, Saturday March 9th 2024

    thanks for givin me other resources also ive mean that it took me long enough for me to understand these 2 words comfy was hard to understand but i realy appreciate ur help

    11:24 AM, Wednesday February 21st 2024

    also does this mean that i dont have to use a timer for the 50% and just learning or studying and then i draw for the fun? heres an example: i read and watched one of the parts of the lesson in drawabox and then drawing a parody of bob ross once im finished with drawing that i go study an artist and then draw a dog taking a poopoo.

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