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    4:07 PM, Thursday March 4th 2021

    I'm sorry but you needed to work with ink and paper, it's pointless to judge your line quality if you used a drawing tablet.

    Next Steps:

    Redo Lesson 1 with ink and paper

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    2:10 PM, Thursday March 4th 2021

    Thank you for the review, I'm aware of the varying ellipses I fixed it with my current practices. I'm not very pleased with my textures, I want to focus on them with 25 Texture Challenge in the future. Cheers

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    8:01 PM, Monday February 22nd 2021

    Superimposed Lines: You experimented with different sizes of lines, so it's a good start. It's also good that you have drawn CSI lines with your curves as well. I want you to pay extra attention to putting the tip of your pen onto the starting point carefully, fraying at both ends is considered as a mistake.

    Ghosted Lines & Planes: This is where your work becomes problematic. We do not draw through our straight lines outside of the first exercise, but you draw through them repeatedly until the end of this lesson. This makes it impossible for me to judge your line quality. I also want you to carefully scan all of your pages before submitting them for community feedback. Most of your pages are really blurry and I don't want to see your pencilcase or things like that, this kind of bad framing distracts your viewer from focusing on your artwork. You can download an app such as CamScanner to do the work.

    Tables of Ellipses: You draw through them too much. Only 2-3 is enough. Draw through your ellipse for 2-3 times, make your mistakes, and move on to the next one. If you were using pencil this kind of ellipses might be kinda usable, you could erase your mistakes. But with ink, these are just unusable. These just make your work unreadable and terribly crowded. Please don't do that again.

    Ellipses in Planes: You did not frame your page correctly, some parts of your page are missing. Please take extra time to correctly frame your work. You also draw through both your lines and ellipses too much in this exercise, we don't want that.

    Funnel: Again, these pages could be 10/10 if you would just read through the intructions carefully and not draw through your ellipses this much. Resist that tendency!

    Plotted perspective: Looks like you understood what 2 pt. perspective is about.

    Rough perspective: Is this page A4? If not, I want you to work with A4 and with the same layout that instructed in the exercise page, and make your boxes bigger with longer lines, because drawing this small may force you into drawing with your wrist. Don't try to correct your lines with drawing through them, make your mistakes!

    Rotated boxes: Try to visualize how these tapered boxes turn into a spherical shape. When they go away from the center, their perspective become more dramatic. You did not need to make this exercise perfectly but pay attention to the example homework next time, count how many boxes are there.

    Organic Perspective: You could use your space better than that. Your frames are mostly empty, just practice on a different sheet of paper before committing to drawing them with ink.

    Next Steps:

    I want you to redo this lesson with paying extra attention to instructions. Read through them many times. If you are not sure about what you are doing, don't do it.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    7:27 PM, Monday February 22nd 2021

    Superimposed Lines

    They look pretty confident in general, but all sets of lines are of the same length. It is recommended to start with a small line, and gradually increase its size to page length. This size of lines might turn into a comfort zone for you, so I want you to experiment with longer lines.

    Ghosted Lines

    I'm seeing a bit of hesitation at the start of some of your lines, you can overcome it by varying the length of your lines. Like your superimposed lines, most of your lines are of the same length. You don't have to create a nice layout for them, it's not a problem if your lines overlap a little bit. Try to draw longer lines.

    Ghosted Planes

    Did you scan your ghosted planes before putting ellipses in them? If you did, please update your folder. Your lines look much better in this exercise, so congratulations!

    Tables of Ellipses

    You forgot to draw through some of your ellipses, please don't forget to do it because it is necessary for us to build up muscle memory. Also don't try to change your elllipses' direction halfway through drawing them, try to keep your arm steady. You left some gaps in some of your tables, so try to plan ahead and visualize how your ellipses fit in table. On the other hand, it looks like you understood the instructions and your ellipses look quite confident. Good job!

    Ellipses in Planes

    You analyized your mistakes and marked them, these ellipses look confident and fit into the planes nicely. There is tiny bit of hesitation in some of them, but you will get over it with practice. Nice!


    We want our ellipses's middle axis to align with the rest of our ellipses, this will be quite important when you start to draw cylinders. So being more careful before putting down your curves might solve this problem.

    Plotted Perspective

    Looks like you understood how 2 pt. perspective works, I don't see any problem with this exercise.

    Rough Perspective

    Your line quality decreases a little bit, drawing ghosted lines & planes with varying sizes can solve this problem.

    Rotated Boxes

    You could draw the lines in the middle row more parallel to each other, but overall this exercise look really good. Congrats!

    Organic Perspective

    Looks like you understood this concept as well, but try not to draw through your lines in order to correct them. Your mistakes caught more attention this way.

    Next Steps:

    250 Box Challenge

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete, and 2 others agree. The student has earned their completion badge for this lesson and should feel confident in moving onto the next lesson.
    1:34 PM, Friday May 1st 2020

    Wow, thank you so much!!! You have a good point, I'll be more careful :)

    4:02 PM, Wednesday February 19th 2020

    Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I honestly feel more motivated to move on. Take care and good luck!

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