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    1:57 PM, Monday November 1st 2021
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    6:50 PM, Sunday October 17th 2021

    Hi there! Congrats on finishing lesson 1! You're one step further to learning your fundamentals, good job! Regarding your actual work, you actually did a good job, you understood what you were asked and did them to the best of your ability. But even then you do have things you have an opportunity to work on:

    Lines: A slight arch in your lines as noticed in the Ghosted Lines exercise, try to not worry so much about hitting the endpoint so accurately even if you miss it, what's more important is having confident strokes in your lines without hesitation. You'll get better accuracy over time. If you aren't worried about hitting the dot then you could try slightly arching your strokes in the oppisite direction consciously, as mentioned here. Some planes do tend to made of wobbly lines,but despite that you're already confidently executing most of your lines nicely without much wobble present, so nice job on that front.

    Ellipses: Some ellipses were noticed going slightly out of bounds on the edges of the Table of Ellipses homework, and certain funnels had their minor axes skewing slightly to the side. Try and keep the minor axis in the middle of the ellipses so that it cuts them into two symmetrical halves as much as you can.

    Boxes: The top left quadrant of the Rotated Boxes exercise starts to lose the tight gap between the boxes and rotates them aimlessly. Try not to rush your assignments and take your time to do them the best of your ability even if you notice you're reaching the end. However long you need to think is enough time when it comes to these assignments. Also you did one extra set of boxes on both the vertical and horizontal ends of the Rotated Boxes, when you're asked to do just 2 as mentioned here.

    Next Steps:

    Move onto lesson 2, you seem to have enough understanding of perspective and spacing to get along fine, but if you feel you need extra practice before lesson 2 then the 250 Box Challenge is a good detour to try but you're not required to, have fun!

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    8:16 PM, Friday October 15th 2021

    Hello! I got done the Boxes you asked, and this time I spent alot of slow thinking and took extra time ghosting my lines so that I'm not in a mindset to rush, but in that time I'm noticing a difficulty of mine that might be related to why I'm diverging. With these boxes when actually thinking about my pairs of lines, I notice I don't have a good sense of what counts as a shallow convergence and an extreme one in terms of which direction the line heads. The extreme boxes might've been easier for me because I was able to just push the line inwards enough to where my line obviously looks like it's converging from the getgo and make quick convergences. This is not the case with shallow foreshortening. In order to keep things shallow I tend to try to avoid pushing it inwards, despite the point being that 3pp boxes always converge. It's difficult trying to gauge what will avoid divergence but what will also avoid too quick of convergence, kinda like a balancing act. This is probably why my convergences here turn out too quick compared to what you've asked this assignment around.

    8:39 PM, Wednesday October 13th 2021

    Hi there! so first off I wanna say thank you for the extra practice using the new information, doing these helped alot and I think I noticed improvement myself compared to the previous submissions. As promised here's my attempt at 10 Shallow Boxes and then 10 Extreme forshortened boxes

    8:34 PM, Wednesday October 13th 2021

    That would be great, thank you so much! I'm very glad you've taken interest in the difference, it means alot to me!

    3:19 AM, Monday October 11th 2021


    It's been awhile and I'd like to thank you for giving me these revisions to do from your critique! They're all done and if you would check them as you did the original submission that'd be great!

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    12:28 AM, Tuesday June 15th 2021

    The major areas which I suggest you work to improve on is in the ghosted lines, ghosted planes (just the planes) and the rough perspective exercises where your lines curve and lack alot of confidence in them. Your lines there are still really wobbly out of course correction. You should really try planning your lines more as much as you need to before committing to them in your work.

    Next Steps:

    Move onto the 250 box challenge before Lesson 2 to get extra practice ghosting your lines and gaining that line confidence

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    12:10 AM, Tuesday June 15th 2021

    While you did put your best effort and showed and understanding for every assignment given, you're still in major need of more practice in the skills presented. Specifically the part of line confidence where it's way too wobbly and messy to the point where it seems like you completely avoided techniques such as the ghosting method at all. Your ellipses are better in this department but ghosting will still help with cutting down on how many times you go over them through the muscle memory.

    Next Steps:

    Go through the 250 boxes challenge as your next step to really practice in improving your lines before you jump into the further content

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    11:59 PM, Monday June 14th 2021

    The most that you need to work on is continuing to practice your ghosting method for more confident lines, and to also fully reach your lines from point to point as some strokes stop partly like in the rough perspective and organic perspective exercises, plus it looks like you went over your ellipses more than two times, so try and cut those down by ghosting more and letting muscle memory handle it. Other than that you show extremely solid execution and understanding on what the exercises ask, on top of an already blooming understanding of perspective shown by the rotated boxes exercise.

    Next Steps:

    I recommend moving onto Lesson 2, but if you so wish you'd also be recommended to go through with taking a detour and doing the 250 box challenge to improve your ghosting and line confidence if you so wish, on top of the extra perspective practice.

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    6:46 PM, Monday May 24th 2021

    The biggest thing that stands out with your boxes is that you seem to make one specific corner converge a lot faster than the other ones, such as on 78 where the left front corner does just that, same for 46. some of your corners also converge in opposite directions, like how the red converging lines on 43 are doing that, you wanna make sure all your lines converge together towards one another to the same vanishing point. Make sure to add line weight aswell as you pointed out you forgot to do, Otherwise, keep at it!

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