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    6:33 AM, Monday June 27th 2022

    Thanks Rhyldur!!! :D

    7:13 AM, Sunday June 26th 2022

    YES!!!! :D well you nailed it, Keep at it!

    7:11 AM, Sunday June 26th 2022

    Not at all Aubiter :)

    We are all a community that tries to help each other. Overall I think you are doing great, and if I didn't make that clear, I hope I am now. All these points are going to get better with practice, I'm sure of it. Every single established artist said so, so there has to be some truth to it right? (lol) Keep at it and don't doubt yourself, You seem to have the determination, and all it's going to take is time. At least thats what I say to myself and I can see with the hours that I put in that its true. Might be small improvements but those add up.

    As for the small boxes. I use my elbow or even my wrist when in those rare occasions. I try not to draw small when doing the DaB exercises and practice my wrist work in my warmups or 50% rule work.

    Good luck :)

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    4:39 AM, Saturday June 25th 2022

    Ghosting is fine as long as you don't actually draw the line. Also sometimes the VP won't be on the page so it won't help so ghosting in the 'direction' is better. I think this will help in eventually visualizing it. Uncomfortable talks about this in the 250 Box Challenge Critique video (Syllastew).

    Good luck :)

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    4:29 AM, Saturday June 25th 2022

    Hi Aubiter,

    First let me just say, I just finished the 250 Box Challenge and passed. I can relate with many of the issues you are facing, so here's what I learned and helped me:

    -In terms of time, my I did exactly what you did, 5 a page and each of those took me an hour+ at the beginning. As I got to the end ended up doing about 5 in about 20ish minutes. Take your time and break it up over different days and as you progress you will start getting faster because you will understand more. Also its good you stopped using the Y generator as it helped me quickly visualize the box before I made a single stroke.

    -As for your strokes and ghosting. Every day I would do about 15 minutes of warm ups and that helped me SO much! I needed to work on my line work and ellipses so I would vary the lessons of Lesson 1. It takes time, I'm not perfect yet but I really see what a months worth of warm up exercises every day did for me. Also I tended to get more accurate when I slowed down, maybe that would help you?One thing I did notice that you didn't mention is that you lines are arcing. Uncomfortable talks about it in Lesson 1 I think. I would try to fix that as it might be one of the issues of you inaccuracy (which I don't think you are btw.)

    -The back lines are also a pain point for me. I'm going to copy paste the feedback from Tofu (a TA) and hope it helps you.

    "The rear lines (the ones you wouldn't see if the box wasn't transparent) tend to be off because they're the ones we draw last and any mistakes we've made up to that point are reflected in them. While you should try your best don't stress if your boxes aren't perfect (we have tools for that), the main goal of the challenge is to improve your understanding of 3D space which you've accomplished."

    -For the superimposed lines. I think you are doing it correctly, they are quite good actually (imo). As for redoing the lines, I did that too, but I tried to limit the amount of times so it doesn't get messy. If they were some of the first set of lines. I would leave it and just work with it.

    Overall I think you are doing pretty well. I think the reason that this challenge is such a high number is because it should take time, and as you are practicing you get better, you start realizing mistakes while you are doing it, realizing way to cope with mistakes, etc...

    Hope that helped and good luck on the next 180ish boxes :P

    (p.s. Looking at other peoples sketchbook and reading the critiques they got helped me understand some of my weakness.)

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    3:55 AM, Saturday June 25th 2022

    Brilliant interpretation!! Very clean lines, looks so crisp!!

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    3:52 AM, Saturday June 25th 2022

    Really cool! Reminds me of the old japanese mech designs!

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    3:48 AM, Saturday June 25th 2022

    Awesome! reminds me of Scott Robinson!

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    3:44 AM, Saturday June 25th 2022

    This is pretty dope. Love the colors and idea :)

    9:27 AM, Tuesday May 24th 2022

    Thank you Rob for the positive and helpful feedback!

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