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    10:17 PM, Sunday November 13th 2022

    Thank you, finally the assignment is starting to make sense. Hopefully I can do the assignment more clearly now.


    7:05 PM, Thursday November 10th 2022

    hello Uncomfortable, thank you for you quick response.

    Okay the paper forming many separate planes, due to it being crumpled makes sense, however. i do not understand"picking a level of white or black" would that not make the observation of what is white and black subjective? how do i know if i am doing the assignment right, when it is kind of subjective ?

    Thank you.

    7:23 PM, Tuesday November 8th 2022

    First of all, thank you so much Tjudy, this is a lot of effort to help a stranger on the internet, really appreciate it.

    A few questions though:

    what are distinct shadows ?

    what are drop shadows ?

    What is deep contour ?

    and do you mind if i see some of your texture work?

    Thank you

    6:58 PM, Tuesday November 8th 2022

    hello uncomfortable, thank you for your comments and sorry for the late reply.

    in regards to the first part(crumpled paper) i do not understand how i can focus on "black shapes" when a black shape is not defined; it is more of a scale from white to black or black to white,so when it comes to drawing the shapes i do not understand where the middle value shapes go, as white or as black? to but it simply in my mind there are a lot of values and defing them with just black and white is not clicking.

    second part, what about bricks on a wall, you mentioned they are not a texture,however, are they not forms on a surface, a wall? just like the fish wallpaper?

    hopefully what i said makes sense.

    thank you

    2:16 PM, Tuesday September 20th 2022

    Thank you for the detailed reply, makes sense. Thank you

    3:53 PM, Saturday September 17th 2022

    Thank you for critiquing my work, in terms of the lines diverging instead of converging, that is something I noticed that when I try a new box especially the larger in size, I am defiantly going to do a lot more perspective exercises and spend more time thinking about the vanishing points and where my lines need to converge.

    Drawing bigger:

    I was told each page should have 4-6 box per page, that is what I aimed for and what me decide the size of my boxes. can you show me an example of the average size you want me to draw in? Thank you.


    2:01 AM, Friday September 16th 2022

    No problem, it takes practices take a look at the notes on lesson 1 on ellipses and circles and remember to practice them as a warm up.

    Next Steps:

    250box challenge

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete. In order for the student to receive their completion badge, this critique will need 2 agreements from other members of the community.
    5:16 PM, Thursday September 15th 2022

    No problem

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    11:08 PM, Tuesday September 13th 2022

    Hello Abh, congrats on completing lesson1

    Your line work is clean and confident with a a few Exceptions in rough perspective, where you seemed to have hesitated on your lines for the sake of accuracy, just remember to ghost and follow through in one stroke even if you are doing a “Drawing” or going for accuracy, but overall really good job on the lines and the perspective exercises .

    Your circles and ellipses, however seem to be lacking consistency, and are tilting weirdly in the ghosted planes exercise, to be honest this something I am still struggling with so I do not want to give bad advice l, however ellipses need to be treated like everything else , ghosted and followed through with confidence.

    I will ask you to do one page of ghostedplanes with circles and you should be Golden to tackle the 250box challenge.

    Next Steps:

    1 page of ghosted planes with ellipses

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    1 users agree
    10:50 PM, Tuesday September 13th 2022

    Excellent idea, I am actually trying to force myself to do it even more , it really cements the key points in your head.

    In terms of slowing down the process, I would say what process ? Filling in pages for homework ? Probably yes, but remember it is about learning and in that case I would say it is not slowing the process but accelerating it.


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