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    1:30 AM, Wednesday June 8th 2022

    Hello, Shrekyboi11! I’ve broken down the homework critique below:


    Superimposed Lines: pretty solid; on the longer lines, there’s some slight arching. Ensure you draw from the shoulder, not the elbow. If that doesn’t work, try consciously arching the lines in the opposite direction.

    Ghosted Lines: Good.

    Ghosted Planes: good.


    Table of ellipses: the ellipses fit snugly within the frames. However, some are deformed and wobbly-looking, probably due to hesitation and course-correction. Be sure to ghost through the ellipses first, then execute with confidence.

    Ellipses in planes: the same issue occurs here as the one mentioned above, albeit less frequently. One of the planes on the top of the page is missing an ellipse.

    Funnels Exercise: a couple of the ellipses have been drawn through over 3 times - try to avoid that in the future.


    Plotted Perspectives: pretty good. The boxes would benefit from tighter hatching because right now, the loose hatching sort of gets lost under all the other lines.

    Rough Perspective: Question - was a ruler used for the front faces of the boxes? All lines except for the frame and the horizon line should be ghosted. If there was no ruler used, I apologize for assuming it’s just holy hell those lines are straight as a stick, it’s impressive! Other than that, pretty good.

    Rotated boxes: Pretty decent, though it’d be beneficial to revisit this exercise again later in the course.

    Organic Perspective: pretty good; the top frame in the second page from the top was a bit muddled. Maybe add some lineweight to that 2nd box closest to the viewer to make it appear as though it’s ahead of the box behind it.

    Overall, solid work! The ghosted lines are good, just work on execution of ellipses. Hope this was helpful!!

    Next Steps:

    1 page of Table of Ellipses. The first half of the page's frames shouldn't have any waves/lines cutting through it. Remember to ghost, ghost, ghost and then execute with confidence and draw through 2-3 times.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    7:38 PM, Thursday June 2nd 2022

    Much better! The lineweight in the swoops looks fine to me and the ellipses look good as well - tighter and more confident.

    Next Steps:

    I believe you are ready to move on to the 250 Box Challenge!

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    1:48 AM, Thursday June 2nd 2022

    Looking better! As for tips on overlapping, I can only suggest ghosting, ghosting, ghosting. With practice, accuracy will come over time.

    Next Steps:

    I would suggest moving on to the 250 Box Challenge - this will definitely help with boxes and perspectives. In addition, make sure to practice the Tables of Ellipses sometimes in your warmups; doesn't have to be a full page, just so you get more comfortable drawing ellipses in confined spaces. This is just advice ofc, not something you have to do :)

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    12:45 PM, Wednesday June 1st 2022

    Hello, Lylm! I've broken down the critique below.


    Superimposed Lines: Looking pretty good. In the longest lines, though, some of the lines tend to arch. Counter this by ensuring you’re drawing from your shoulder (elbow shouldn’t be resting on the table) and, if that doesn’t work, consciously arching the lines in the opposite direction.

    Ghosted Lines: Looking good. Slight wobbles but nothing major.

    Ghosted Planes: Good.


    Tables of Ellipses: The ellipses are wobbly and slightly deformed. While most of them fit nicely in the frames, aim for confidence of accuracy in this lesson. Ghost through the ellipses, then draw through them swiftly with no hesitation.

    Ellipses in Planes: The ellipses here are wobbly and slightly deformed here as well; some of them have only been drawn through 1 ½ times.

    Funnels Exercise: The minor axis is positioned well with the ellipses. However, the ellipses are shaky here as well.


    Plotted Perspective: Looks pretty good. The boxes would benefit from additional lineweight added to the silhouettes, to distinguish them from the lines going back to the vanishing points. In addition, adding hatching to one of the front faces of each box would further the illusion of perspective.

    Rough Perspective: Pretty good. Remember that the horizontal lines of the boxes should run parallel to the horizon line.

    Rotated Boxes: The hatching between the boxes is a bit messy and loose and there is no hatching on the bottom of the second box to the left. Some of the corner boxes have been drawn over more than once–try to avoid that in the future.

    Organic Perspective: Don’t worry too much about perspective, there’ll be a chance to practice in the 250 box challenge. The boxes furthest from the viewer appear to be the same size, which breaks the illusion of perspective. When drawing the swoopy line, use lineweight to your advantage, adding more weight where the line is closest to the viewer; also, keep them simple so the frames don’t get cluttered (page 2, frame 2).

    Hope this was helpful!

    Next Steps:

    1 page of Tables of Ellipses: In the first half of the page, the frames should be plain with no waves cutting through them. Remember to ghost, then draw through your ellipses 2-3 times, without hesitation.

    1 page of Organic Perspective: Add extra lineweight to the front and keep the swoopy line simple--no extra swirls or extreme curves.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    1:09 AM, Wednesday June 1st 2022

    Hi, Vennaya! I’ve broken down the homework critique below:


    Superimposed Lines: Most of the lines look pretty good. The longer ones have slight arches on them, so take care to draw from your shoulder, not your elbow.

    Ghosted Lines: These look pretty good.

    Ghosted Planes: These look pretty good. There is some slight arching, but nothing too major.


    Tables of ellipses: In Tables of ellipses #1, some of the ellipses don’t fit snugly in the frame. In Tables of ellipses #2, the smaller ellipses tend to overlap the bigger ones. Whenever you do this exercise again, aim to keep all ellipses nice and snug in the frames, but not overlapping each other.

    Ellipses in planes: Pretty good–the lines are mostly confident and the ellipses have been drawn through the appropriate amount of times. However, as with the table of ellipses, some of the ellipses don’t fit snugly within the planes.

    Funnels Exercise: Pretty good. Some of the bigger ellipses on the edges are either overlapping or not fit snugly inside the funnel. And some of them have only been drawn through once, like the one on the edge on the bottom right.


    Plotted Perspective: Nice work, but it may be beneficial to have more boxes in each frame. Is there a reason the middle frame’s boxes have hatching on different sides?

    Rough Perspective: It’s normal for this exercise to come out looking a little rough, no worries. Just make sure that when plotting the lines back to the vanishing point, they should only extend TO the horizon line and not PAST it. Also, take care not to redraw a line even if it comes out wonky (frame on the right).

    Rotated Boxes: As Uncomfortable says, he knows this exercise is above a lesson 1 student’s level so he doesn’t expect perfection. The boxes look pretty good here, but would benefit from hatching as Uncomfortable’s example homework displays.

    Organic Perspective: Take advantage of the line weight in the big swoopy line, to help the viewer know which part of the line is closest to them; perhaps extending that line so it fills the frame would provide more space for boxes, so there’s a gradual shift from big to small boxes. To encourage the illusion of close/far boxes, perhaps draw some that have been cut off from the frame, like in the second frame of the first page. Don't worry too much about perspective, you'll have the chance to practice that in the 250 box challenge.

    Trust in the process-there's a reason for everything Uncomfortable puts on the website. Hope this critique is helpful!!

    Next Steps:

    One page of Rough Perspective: Try making the boxes smaller so more can fit in a frame. Remember not to redraw lines and to only plot the lines back to the horizon line and no further.

    One page of Tables of Ellipses: Make sure the ellipses fit snugly in their frames and don't overlap each other.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    6:00 PM, Sunday May 15th 2022

    Looks much better! I'll mark the lesson complete.

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    2:05 AM, Saturday May 14th 2022

    Hi Teitoklein! Glad to know you're enjoying the course so far. The homework was pretty well done, though I've pointed out some mistakes below.


    Super imposed lines: On the top right of the page as well as some of the longer lines, the lines are frayed at both ends. Try to ensure that you start at the exact same point everytime you make a mark. The longer lines also have slight arches; this might be because you're drawing from your elbow, not your shoulder-try to be conscious and make sure your elbow isn't resting on the table.

    Ghosted Lines: The ghosted lines are pretty good! There's slight wobbles in some longer lines but are overall steady and confident which is what the lesson is aiming for.

    Ghosted Planes: Some of the planes' bisecting lines miss the centre of the plane. In the 1st page, the 2nd plane to from the left is missing 2 of the bisecting lines.


    Tables of Ellipses: Some of the ellipses are a bit deformed and overlapping each other and spilling into other parts of the table.

    Funnels Exercise: Some of the ellipses are slanted and don't fit snugly within the arches. Some of the ellipses also don't pass properly through the minor axis (line through the middle of the ellipses).


    Plotted Perspectives: Well done!

    Rough Perspectives: On the 1st page, 1st frame on the leftmost box, one of the lines was redrawn multiple times. In the future, try not to redo your lines.

    Rotated Boxes: Pretty decent!

    Organic Perspective: On both pages, frames 2 and 3, I would suggest having the swoopy line (the part closest to the viewer) touch the edge of the frame to further promote the illusion of perspective. On pg1 frame 2 and pg2 frame 2, both the first and last box are almost the same size, which breaks the illusion of perspective.

    Overall, nice work! I hope you continue to improve and enjoy this course :)

    Next Steps:

    I'd suggest 1 page of the Ghosted Planes and Table of Ellipses.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    8:07 PM, Tuesday April 12th 2022

    Thanks!! I'll keep that in mind.

    12:34 PM, Sunday April 10th 2022

    Here is the link to the revised Rough Perspective page: https://imgur.com/a/CrhMDlD

    2:04 AM, Saturday April 9th 2022

    Thanks for going through the homework and the feedback! Do I post the extra page of Rough Perspective for review as well?

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