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    2:39 PM, Thursday August 31st 2023

    Thanks both of you!

    6:57 PM, Wednesday August 30th 2023

    To be a little more specific, I was doing graphite portraits, and I learned how to shade really well, but not much else. I finished that challenge and then never drew consistently after it. I have recognized since then how much I was motivated based on results and positive attention from others, rather than just enjoying drawing. I tried doing more portraits at the end of last year and it was an absolute slog, even when I got myself to sit down and start drawing, I would get so deadly bored that I would stop.

    The thing is that I WANT to draw and draw people. Like that's what I'm drawn to (no pun intended) very often. I also want to grow my skills, I could just totally forget about that and try and have fun, but I don't want to just draw like a two year old, I want to actually get good also.

    If I were to do DAB, the purpose would be to start learning drawing fundamentals, I want to have a base of knowledge and skill so I'm not limited to just copying pictures or whatever.

    TLDR: What I really truly want is to fall in love with the process of making art, and simultaneously make art that's actually good, but I don't know how.

    Lmk if anyone relates to this and has more advice. I really appreciate this community :)

    2:10 AM, Thursday March 9th 2023

    Hi, I'm wondering about starting DAB again with official critique. If I were to do that, would I be required to start from the beginning again? I haven't done any for a year.

    Thanks, Daniel

    7:55 PM, Monday February 27th 2023

    Thanks :)

    5:14 PM, Monday February 27th 2023

    This makes sense, thanks! I'm going to do whatever it takes to actually finish it this time.

    9:24 PM, Wednesday March 9th 2022

    Ok, I totally fell out of drawing for a few months. But I'm in the process of taking control of my life and growing discipline, and I'm ready to start drawing consistently.

    I hope it's fine to just continue like I didn't just take a 5 month break, but if I have to restart I understand.

    6:48 PM, Monday November 15th 2021

    This is a great idea, thanks!

    5:34 PM, Sunday November 14th 2021

    Thanks to everyone for all the advice! I'll update this someday to let y'all know what worked best for me.

    1:06 AM, Friday November 12th 2021

    Thanks! I'll definitely check that out. If this helps me I'll be eternally grateful to you lol. This has been causing me a lot of frustration.

    2:21 PM, Thursday May 6th 2021

    Thank you for the speedy critique!

    I forgot to mention that I've been doing warm ups every session. This is actually my second time starting DAB. I started last year around this time, and quit after I competely fell apart at the rotated boxes exercise

    (when I looked back at my homework from last year I was rather amused to see that I had doodled a sad face saying "this is hard" on the rotated boxes, similar to this year.) Anyways, thanks again!

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