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    6:36 PM, Sunday July 30th 2023

    Alright, thank you. I'll see how far I can get with the basic ellipse guide along with the skills I have right now.

    6:03 PM, Friday July 14th 2023

    Thank you for leaving me advice! I also noticed that all the leaves on my pomegranate plant were extremely flat. I tried making up for for those flat leaves with the final drawing which had a more 3d feel for the petals of the flower.

    As for the shading that I did for the leaf where I marked ignore, I tend to get carried away sometimes with shading. I know uncomfortable always says to not worry about detail too much, but I didn't listen and here I am. I'll make sure to focus more on forms first since the shading was supposed to be following a stem that was wrongly placed which cause the weird feel.

    Lastly, the reference I used for the branches in the pomegranate plant were relatively thin, so I didn't bother using the sphere to connect the cylinders. This was a mistake as it left the branches feeling flat and lifeless. I incorporated the sphere in lesson 4 with insects like the stick grasshopper which have bodies that mimic branches.

    Again, thank you for the critique.

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