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    9:43 AM, Saturday June 18th 2022

    Thank you for another very helpful critique! I will try to implement all of your advise in my future animal constructions. As I said, due to time constraints, I am going to take the upcoming lessons a bit slower to prevent myself for rushing and therefore most likely doing worse and learning less. Anyway looking forward to draw a whole bunch of cylinders now! :)

    10:58 PM, Monday March 21st 2022

    Thank you for the quick reply!

    I will try to keep an eye in lesson 5 on drawing through my ellipses, creating over all less and more effective contour lines and avoiding the "hotdog in a bun effect", when it comes to adding additional masses.

    Wish you a nice, battery recharging, break. :)

    3:36 PM, Monday March 21st 2022

    Hi Uncomfortable, thank you for the long and helpful feedback!

    I followed the informal demo of the lobster drawing, hoping to get a better grasp of defining correct connections between the (ideally) three-dimensional elements my insect constructions should consist of.

    In some of my first attempts i used the head-thorax-abdomen base as some sort of scale defining circles rather than solid forms and also started out with way too complicated, flat, shapes for the leg or mandible constructions. So this time i tried to not repeat my misunderstanding of that concept and work additively, avoiding cutting into already existing silhouettes.

    However some additional shapes (on some of the legs, or the cone shaped part behind the abdomen of the ant-like insect construction) turned out to be quite flat. I feel like my imagination and ghosting of a specific sausage-like form, additional mass, or contour curve and the actual result, the lines i put down, still differ a lot sometimes, resulting in me making the same mistakes.

    I kept the texture very minimal to not fall into the habit of decorating my drawings, as you called it out correctly. I still have the habit of putting an unnecessary amount of something like fur somewhere, where i messed up the initial construction to "cover it up" (i hope this is understandable, english is not my native language).

    Anyways here are my revisions: https://imgur.com/a/wykgWx0

    Please let me know if there are some more additional changes needed.

    Thank you for your time! :)

    2:10 PM, Saturday February 5th 2022

    Hi Uncomfortable, thank you for the helpful review!

    I definitely should have spend more time on the fern construction, i probably rushed that one a bit. Drawing leafs with multiple "arms" was more of a challenge than i thought it would be and i'm planning to practice them more in the future.

    Anyways, thanks again and im looking forward to attempt lesson 4 now. :)

    11:59 AM, Monday December 27th 2021

    Hi Tofu, thanks again for your helpful feedback! :) I will try to improve in these exercises by doing them as warm ups in the future.

    11:56 AM, Saturday November 13th 2021

    Hi Tofu, thank you for your helpful feedback! :) I will keep it in mind as I move on to the next lessons.

    10:27 AM, Wednesday August 18th 2021

    Alright, I will keep an eye on that from now on. Especially for smaller ellipses this problem probably has occurred sometimes. Thanks again for the feedback!

    2:20 PM, Tuesday August 17th 2021

    Hello Benj, thank you so much for your thorough and helpful feedback!! I'm pretty inexperienced with drawing in general (this was the first structured lesson I ever took) so I struggled a lot, especially with the exercises that included drawing ellipses. I decided to do another page of the tables of ellipses exercise and focused much more on drawing confident, somewhat not deformed ellipses rather than being overly accurate. Can't really say that everything worked out better (especially the very circular shapes are still bumpy) but I think this page over all turned out a bit better than the previous ones. Either way I will continue to practice these ellipses in the future, until I am finally able to nail down actual smooth and stable looking shapes.

    So here is my second attempt:


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