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    4:06 AM, Wednesday September 28th 2022

    thank you~

    3:46 AM, Sunday July 10th 2022

    Thank you??

    10:09 PM, Friday July 8th 2022

    Thank you so much for your critique and thanks a bunch for the draw overs. I definitely see that I have many areas I need to improve on.


    As requested I tried to do a revision but im still struggling with shadows a bit. I do see my mistakes as many of the shadows aren't consistent with one another and don't cast correctly on the forms so I will continue to practice this as I move forward.

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    3:26 AM, Wednesday July 6th 2022
    1. Lines

      a.Super imposed lines

      All in all pretty good. You kept fraying on one side and most of them had confident lines, though in some of them I see a bit of a wobble near the middle to end parts most likely from you trying to hit the end point accurately. Don't worry too much about being accurate with your lines right now, It's more important that you can draw a smooth, straight line confidently even if it doesn't hit the correct points

      b.Ghosted Lines

      Also good! For these your lines were pretty confident and hit the end point quite nicely. I do notice a very slight bit of arcing in the lines that can easily be fixed with a bit of practice. A good way to counteract arcing is subconsciously arcing in the opposite direction, I don't know if i explained that correctly so feel free to ask questions about that. Also make sure not to repeat lines, I'm not completely sure whether those were strokes done on accident or not but always be sure to only draw one line even if it doesn't look good.


      Your planes were also pretty good. Pretty confident lines also with very minor wobbles so just be sure to watch out for those.

      Summary: First section was nice. I know I pointed out the wobbles a lot but don't worry if you cant eliminate them immediately, they'll get better the more you practice. Also try out the arcing in the opposite direction technique and be sure to ask if you don't fully understand it. I'll try to explain it to the best of my abilities


    a.Ellipses in planes
        You fit them quite nicely in the planes and they are drawn confidently for the most part. There are a few that are wobbly and don't fit all four sides so just watch out for that but always prioritize confidently drawn ellipses over them being accurately fitted
        b.Ellipses in tables
            Also good, just be sure to watch out for things I have already said (wobbliness, confident lines, etc...)
        c. Ellipses in funnels
            Good as well, A bit of slanting but its nothing too major
    1. Boxes

      a. Plotted perspective

      Great! Your first set of boxes aren't drawn through but you correct that in the later boxes. The vertical lines are a slanting a bit but it's nothing major just something to look out for when drawing in two point.

      b.Rough perspective

      Not much to nitpick except to keep the horizontal lines of your boxes parallel to your horizon and your vertical lines of your boxes perpendicular to it. As always be sure to keep in mind what was said about lines earlier.
      c. Rotated boxes
          Well done! If this is your first try doing this it is pretty good. Not much else to say about it. There are a few mistakes but It's a hard exercise and you'll be able to fix those mistakes as you learn and practice more
          d. Organic Perspective
              Also really good. If you see any mistakes don't worry to much about them as you'll be able to fix them during the 250 box challenge.
              All in all very good. Your work was very consistent and I believe you'll be able to perfect these skills once you do the 250 box challenge. You have a long road ahead of you so don't worry if you don't see improvement immedietely. Take your time and have fun.

    Next Steps:

    Move onto the 250 box challenge. You can practice lines if you want but I would suggest you to practice a ellipses a tiny bit. It doesn't have to be a lot, It's just for warmups.

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    5:02 AM, Saturday July 17th 2021

    Thanks for the critique. I had previously looked at that diagram for converging lines previously but didn't know what to think of it before I did the boxes but after I was getting into the later boxes, I realized that all the lines share of relationship and that I started to understand that diagram a bit later. The inner corner trick is very insightful, I'll be sure to try it out. I'll also be sure to be more patient on the hatching in the future and I'll be sure to practice superimposed lines a bit more.

    Thanks for the critique once again.

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    3:52 AM, Thursday July 15th 2021

    Yo! haven't critiqued much so please ask questions on stuff you're confused about.

    1.Extending lines

    One thing I see is that you weren't extending in the correct direction for many of your boxes. A good way to remember what way to extend is always making sure that your extensions are going away from the Y instead of towards it. I also saw that you weren't extending the lines one all sides but only on 1 or 2 sides


    I noticed that a few of your boxes were either completely parallel or diverging. This was most noticeable at the beginning but started to slowly go away after the later boxes but was still there on a few boxes. Make sure to remember that boxes in 3 point perspective will always converge.

    1. Line weight

    I didn't see much of the contour line weight throughout the challenge but if you're having trouble with that (I did too) i would suggest to try and do the superimposed exercise before doing your future homework and practicing on your weaknesses

    4.Line quality

    There was a bit of repeating lines in in the first few pages and a bit of wobbliness but it started to improve during the later boxes. Great job B). But if you're looking for something to reinforce your line work I would also suggest the previous exercises from lesson 1.

    5.Inner corner

    I think you did a pretty decent job of fitting the back corners in but sometimes they were either diverging or very off. You can try to troubleshoot this by drawing the lines of your boxes in a different order. For example, before finishing the contour of your box go ahead and draw the inside lines but a simple tip is to look at the all the lines of the boxes and figure out where that back corner fits from that. Basically figuring out the relation between all the lines that are currently on the paper and finding out where those new lines fit in that said relationship(It's just like love).


    Jokes aside I think you have still have a lot to improve on though its a long journey ahead so you'll have quite a lot of time. I definitely did see some improvement just from this so you are going in the right direction.

    Next Steps:

    Continue to do exercises from previous lessons to fix your weaknesses and reinforce those that you are getting the hang of

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    11:52 PM, Thursday July 8th 2021


    This is my first time reviewing 250 boxes so forgive me if I look over something or make a mistake.

    (Im using this guide to reference everything https://pastebin.com/dbjR9MFj)

    1. Extending lines

    Looks like you didn't have much trouble extending your lines in the correct direction except in the first first few pages but fixed that in the later pages. A good way to see that you're extending correctly is to make sure that you're extending away from the initial Y instead of into the Y.

    One thing I would recommend is using three different colors since it does become a little hard to discern all the extension from all the others.

    2.Correct Convergence

    I noticed that in your earlier pages that many of your lines were parallel and diverging away from each other instead of converging towards each other. You fixed this a bit in your later boxes but there was still some mistakes though not as prevalent as in the earlier boxes.

    3.Line weight

    Your initial line weight was pretty good as it allowed for the contour of the box to be super imposed but I didn't see much of it superimposed except until the later boxes starting with box 178. Which is quite similar to me, it was pretty hard to grasp and im stilling having trouble on it but keep on going and you'll see it becoming easier to do.

    1. Wobbling lines

    There was a slight amount of wobbling throughout the boxes but it started to become less and less as you drew more boxes though it was still there. I'd recommend to do some exercises from previous lessons before you start homework to reinforce what you've already learned and that could help you eliminate wobbly lines and attain great confident lines.

    1. Box orientation

    Many of your boxes looked a bit the same but it was only from page to page but don't be scared to come up with Ys in all kinds of orientation as long as it still makes a box.

    6.Inner corner

    It looked like you were having a bit of trouble finding how to fit those inner lines in since I saw a few diverging or were very off but thats normal as you can see where all the mistakes were with your lines but one tip is instead of just referencing one or two lines to those lines use the whole box as your reference and use all the drawn lines to find out where the best location for the inner lines would be where it would also be converging to the same point as all the other lines are or basically thinking about the relationships of lines.

    1. Final

    All in all I think you did a really good job and I saw very noticeable improvement throughout all the boxes

    if anything is unclear just ask me since this is my first time reviewing 250 box stuff and I'm not completely sure how well I did

    Next Steps:

    Lesson 2 mah guy. Try to find some exercises from previous lessons that could help you with your weaknesses. Do these before starting your homework, just a page of lines and strokes can help a lot.

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    3:46 AM, Saturday August 22nd 2020

    It's the same for me and many other hobbies I do. I don't think the pace you do things matter but as long as you learn it's good. Personally it took me almost a year to finish lesson 1 and i haven't even started on the 250 box challenge yet so I've got that going for me lol but i don't think you should continue to do lessons one after the other even though you have tons of drawings you've done. I think starting from scratch may help but its only a suggestion as you could try to utilize the 50 percent rule without having to worry about your past drawings. One of the main reasons of the 50 percent rule is to have fun! Have fun with drawing what you want and go on with your homework. As you do this more and more you may see yourself feeling a-lot more motivated.

    4:20 PM, Friday August 21st 2020

    It's alright to have fun when drawing but try not to sketch on your homework. The 50 percent rule isn't something that we just worship and praise its something we do so we can still have fun drawing what we want but also do the lessons without any extra doodles or sketches so we can stay focused. I'm not very good at explaining it so go back and read what it's about. https://drawabox.com/lesson/0/2/50percent and also try to re read the rest of lesson 0 as well. The stuff in their can really help us understand what drawabox is about.

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    10:37 PM, Thursday August 20th 2020


    First your super imposed lines, look pretty good. I can see where the line starts and the lines end though there is a tiny bit of fraying at the start point for a few of the lines so be sure to keep that in mind. There also seems to be some wobbliness in some of the lines so be careful of that as well. Other than that, those lines are looking good.

    Next your ghosted lines. They also look pretty good. A few of the lines have missed their points or overshot but I see you've done that to achieve a straight and smooth line. Some lines also have a wobble or a arc to them but its not too noticeable.

    Nice job. As you practice this for warm ups or anything else you should notice that you'll most likely be hitting your points more and having a very nice looking line. The same can be said for all the other exercises so be sure to pick a few warm ups before doing lessons as these can help you remember and strengthen your skills.

    Now The planes. Theirs quite a bit of overshooting but its not too big of a deal right now but be sure to work on that as you get ready for the 250 box challenge. Other than that though they look fine.

    Now for the ellipses in the planes. Pretty good. Circles are in their planes pretty snug touching all 4 corners. not much to say except to watch out for the wobbles.

    Plotted Perspective. these look a little iffy. The lines are a little wobbly and a few are slightly arced. I'm not sure if you freehanded or if the ruler you were using was a little broken. Other than that I can tell that you understood what you needed to do for this lesson but it would be suggested to try and re do it.

    Rough perspective. Not much I can say about this as it will be quite challenging to get confident lines the first try but you also understood what this lesson was about. Just a recommendation, try using a red pen instead of a pencil when your plotting it back to the horizon as it makes the line look a lot cleaner. Other than that I think you do a great job on this.

    Ellipses in funnels. Nice job! Your ellipses fit quite snug and spaced well. Though A few of the funnels are misaligned . I'm not sure if that's because the funnels were misaligned or the straight lines inside the lines were drawn a little awkward.

    Rotated Boxes. One thing I can see right away is that a few of your boxes arent actually rotating but instead just converging into the vp. The boxes are all together though so thats good. Don't worry too much about this one too much as this isn't something you'll get on the first try. These are just things to keep in mind but other than that this was pretty good.

    Organic perspective. These were good as well. You understood the lesson and you executed it quite well.

    I don't know if you forgot to post the table of ellipses or forgot to do it. But be sure to post that as well. Great Job!!

    Next Steps:

    Post or do table of ellipses and then move onto 250 box challenge.

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