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    11:06 AM, Wednesday March 8th 2023

    I've never heard of that I will see if it helps.

    I definitely have zoned in moments where I do great, just a shame i can't get into the zone on command

    Thanks again for the critique

    5:32 PM, Tuesday March 7th 2023

    Your critique was great and clear.

    I see what you mean by my wobbly lines

    With the overlaps. I was using my wrist from fear of fking up, so I will switch to my shoulder for future exercises.

    "I've only just realised you're not meant to use your wrist for line weight:("

    I wasnt sure whether I should be making thin branches using the same method as thicker ones. after reviewing other people's work and the critique they received, I have realised I was meant to be applying this method no matter the size.

    I have been constructing my elipses around a minor axis and outside of drawabox I usually don't end up to far off. But I always get nervous when putting down elipses as large as the ones I used for pots and botch it. I'm hoping this will just lessen with time but any advice would be welcome.

    Also I will start taking more care with my line work.

    I was hoping you might have some advice. I think as you picked up on, I tend to lost patience and rush things. I do have ADHD and tend to fight with it during drawabox. I'm mainly wondering if you have any tips for staying patient and not rushing.

    I am not assuming you are an expert on adhd, but as your alot farther ahead then me, I thought you might have picked up things.

    Thank you again for your critique, it's a massive help.

    1:30 PM, Tuesday March 7th 2023

    Hi thank you so much for the critique, I'm a bit busy at the moment but will reply properly asap, I've read through though and you make really great points.

    Thank you

    9:36 AM, Friday February 10th 2023

    Hi thank you so much for your critique!!

    I definitely see what you mean about alot of my hatching looking rushed. I will work to improve this.

    For the organic forms I did some of them with two faces because, I was trying to convey them arching, to have both sides facing, would you recommend not doing this for future or just try to make it clearer somehow making it clearer?

    With the second page of form dissections i was trying to change the lights direction. is it better to keep the light direction the same for this exercise or, is it that I haven't made clear in my drawing, enough to be read as a different light direction.

    Thank you again for the critique it is a huge help, I will work on the things you mentioned.

    9:27 PM, Sunday January 22nd 2023

    Hi thanks for the critique totally didn't realise I had to send the revision I've since moved on to lesson 2 after finished the 250 box challenge

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