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    2:31 AM, Thursday September 17th 2020

    Hey, almost done with my lesson 3 so i decided to give some feedbacks. Haha

    For the first assignment, your arrows looks scratchy. Try to draw them with more confidence but you did well with the persepctives.

    The leaves for the second assignment looks good. They flow and look dynamic.

    For the branches try to ghost your line more so it hits the other line. Think about where you place your lines before placing them. If not, the lines wouldn't connect and comes of scratchy.

    I think you did really well with the plants. They look good and I like the ones you picked out. Some of the shading I feel like you could think a little bit more before placing them, like the cabbage. The darker lines should have a bit more thoughts in terms of what you're trying the emphasize and show.

    Overall, I think you did a good job! Keep going amd let's do this!

    1:56 AM, Thursday September 17th 2020

    Omg, thank you! No it's great that you're nit picking. i really appreciate the feedback and you're really good at giving feedbacks. Good luck with yours and thanks again. :)

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