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    7:27 AM, Thursday March 10th 2022

    It has gotten better because of the warm-up exercises. Thanks for asking!

    7:25 AM, Thursday March 10th 2022

    I got a chair without an armrest and, ya, I tend to rest my elbow on my hip. Keep forgetting not to. Working on it. Thanks for the tips!

    11:29 AM, Friday February 18th 2022

    Thank you so much!

    8:00 AM, Thursday February 17th 2022

    Please find the resubmission here

    Thank you.

    7:09 AM, Monday January 31st 2022

    Thanks so much! I'll keep that in mind. It has been easier to make estimations on a slightly inclined board that I place between my desk and me while I'm sitting. The one problem I face with this method is that it doesn't allow free movement of the arm. Any advice on that?

    7:04 AM, Monday January 31st 2022

    Thanks for this. I've been using the first method unconsciously. So I think I'm going to stick with it till I get somewhat better at art. Thanks for the other tips. I'm going to bookmark it for later.

    9:12 AM, Tuesday December 14th 2021

    Thanks so much!

    2:41 PM, Friday December 10th 2021

    Thank you for the critique. Will keep these points in mind.

    Please find the resubmitted Rough Perspective Exercise here: []

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