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    1:56 AM, Monday July 3rd 2023


    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah,I've felt like I was grinding, but sometimes even knowing that I can't seem to throw away the thought of redoing it again, but seems like I've accepted it now.

    The 2-part patience has got me thinking for a while, but I think I understand.

    I've read it and tried to find some music, and I think it worked out quite well.

    As for that double-inhale technique, it has also helped a lot, thanks for recommending that.

    Thanks again, hope I'll be able to get back on track soon. :)

    3:28 AM, Thursday May 11th 2023

    Hello, thanks for taking your time to answer my questions.

    After looking closely at the kiwi fruits, they indeed have cast shadows that I have failed to see, thanks a lot for pointing that out.

    Will also check out Uncomfortable's video on that and the pinterest board, thanks again for answering.

    4:28 PM, Saturday November 26th 2022

    Hello there and thank you for the feedback! Will definitely work on the hatching and other things you pointed out. Wasn't really sure if I was applying line weight, though. I was pretty unaware.

    Thank you again!

    7:37 AM, Thursday July 21st 2022

    Hello Rob and thanks for critiquing my work.

    I have uploaded the missing page of organic perspective into the imgur album, sorry for the small trouble.

    I'll look into the problems you pointed out for me, thanks a lot and have a nice day!

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