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    12:57 PM, Tuesday March 29th 2022

    Thank you! I also love your submission. The colors are so comfortable for the eyes.

    4:25 AM, Tuesday February 15th 2022

    Thanks for the reply. I'll stick to the required method.

    4:20 AM, Thursday February 10th 2022

    Thanks for the detailed explanation and the following tips. Very helpful!

    6:22 AM, Monday January 31st 2022

    Thanks for your critique. It's quite helpful!

    Remember also that you can add lineweight to the parts of outer lines that overlap with other boxes to clarify which ones are on top and which behind...

    I actually have a question about the lineweight here. For example in this drawing.

    • If I'd like to enphasize that box A is in front of box B then I shall make the red lines thicker and blue lines thinner?

    • If that is the case, how shall I make two different line weights when drawing a line containing both red parts and blue parts (like one of the edges of box B)?

    • Shall I add line weights by drawing the same line two times? It is very likely that if I do this I'll get two slightly fraying lines, just like the ones in the super imposed lines exercise.

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