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    10:43 AM, Wednesday February 24th 2021

    I'm in the same situation, I bought what I thought was a good set off amazon and they turned out to be tiny lol.

    Think I might just have to try free handing at this point as I've just reached the wheel challenge!

    2:54 PM, Tuesday February 23rd 2021

    Thanks for the help! I might be wrong but all 5 of these look the same in the picture, did you get different degrees for each template when they arrived?

    4:22 PM, Wednesday February 17th 2021

    I have done 4 additional drawings here :


    I had to try quite hard not to correct mistakes as I made quite a few. Sorry as the fan turned out a bit of a mess and my ellipses did not go well on that one. I've tried to take on board your advice, but I think I still have a lot of room for improvement.

    Thanks again for all your feedback!

    8:56 PM, Tuesday February 16th 2021

    I might have got the wrong idea, but it was when you were discussing splitting boxes and making little mistakes. And when you drew the mouse you had to draw outside of the construction as it was more like the true shape.

    I imagine it was my understanding at fault. Also I'll make sure to get the photos the right way up sorry, still working out how to use imgur.

    2:15 PM, Tuesday February 16th 2021

    Thanks very much for your comments, I will come back in a few days with the additional drawings.

    I was also having some trouble with proportions and guessing the correct sized boxes for the resulting ellipses, which always seemed to end up much smaller than I had hoped.

    I applied corrections after the construction in some cases as you said this may be necessary if mistakes are made, but based them on the existing construction. With the blender I drew straight lines first and then curved around them as I thought I was supposed to but I see how another ellipse might have helped.

    The skew of the cylinders also seems very for me to hard to get right, I'll try and solve this with more boxes.

    Thanks again, sorry for the long reply.

    11:11 AM, Tuesday January 19th 2021

    Thanks very much for your feedback, I definitely struggled with enthusiasm on these after coming from animals. I will keep your comments in mind going forward, thank you.

    2:01 PM, Saturday December 5th 2020


    Hi, I have attached my 4 additional constructions without detail. I did add a few tufts of fur to the first one to indicate more hairy additions but didn't get them quite right. I've tried to wrap my masses over each over more realistically than before. The bit on the camel neck is fur so I didn't wrap it like a solid mass. I've also used minimal cast shadows for these so the construction is hopefully clearer.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    2:50 PM, Friday December 4th 2020

    Thank you very much for the critique, there are a lot of points that I'll work on and incorporate into my extra drawings.

    I've just started on another border collie, and I'm wondering how to do the masses that are mostly hair, in your wolf demo you don't give these mass but in your advice here you've mentioned they shouldn't be 2d shapes. I was going to leave them off completely but they give the distinctive collie look.

    Thanks again your advice is really helpful.

    Edit: apologies you actually said they were just lines and should be enclosed, I'll give this a go

    11:06 PM, Monday November 9th 2020

    Thank you very much for the feedback! I struggled sometimes as I think my underlying forms were the wrong size in some cases. Thank you I'll definitely take your advice on board in the next lesson

    11:35 PM, Monday October 26th 2020

    Thank you very much for your detailed feedback! I'll definately take these points on board for the future lessons.

    I've already started using these techniques in some of my 'drawing for fun' projects which I'm really excited about!

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