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    6:20 PM, Saturday September 2nd 2023

    Hi logicalspark,

    Tempestsnow here will be dropping some critics on your submission.

    It seems you used a ballpoint pen, or if it's the tip of the pen some of your lines looks messy and sketchy. Any way you did an awesome work on this keep it up. Seems you're having problem drawing a tight and neat ellipse some took wobbly, here's a tip for you on that it's something I use often I imagine locking my wrist making it stagnant with no movement and then move my full arm to make the ellipse or line I want to make although it's not easy to get adapted to it but you can try it out and also in your texture analysis it's lacking transition from light to dark , the lesson says not to focus too much on texture but you still have to understand the concept, read through the texture analysis note again and go through the video get a basic understanding on what the exercise is trying to portray. Good luck on lesson 3

    Next Steps:

    Lesson 3 and 1 texture analysis study

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete. In order for the student to receive their completion badge, this critique will need 2 agreements from other members of the community.
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    6:02 PM, Saturday September 2nd 2023

    Hi 7lagoon7,

    You did a great job, I don't really have much to say on this, some of your ellipses drawn in the organic form are not tight and the degrees of some of it are off, apart from that you really did a great job on this submission.

    Good luck on lesson 3

    Do warm ups, enjoy drawing in general and apply the 50/50 rule

    Next Steps:

    Lesson 3

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete. In order for the student to receive their completion badge, this critique will need 2 agreements from other members of the community.
    6:27 PM, Friday September 1st 2023

    I improved thanks to your critics.

    11:26 PM, Thursday August 31st 2023


    Did some slight changes on it, haven't get the proportions right tho like the minimum part of the lizard I want to amalgamate on the rhino, and the fur on the falcat head(falcon+cat) is getting a little bit tricky for me to pull off haven't get a hang on it. And also happy new month .

    4:08 PM, Thursday August 31st 2023

    Am really grateful for the critics pikscarots, I'll work on it all, for the hybrid construction I actually hid it but I saved the whole image and I don't think I can get the layers anymore, but I'll redo the hybrids and drop it in the comment when I get home, thanks sir/ma. If you're free please can you drop some critics on my lesson 4 submission, I haven't got it critiqued for a while.

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    7:45 PM, Monday August 28th 2023

    Hello Simone am here to drop some critics on your submission.

    1. Organic form. The ellipse drawn in the sausage form doesn't have degrees to them and there are too much ellipses in them, lots of you sausages are too flat there's no curvature to them. I advise you to go back to written explanation and check how to do it right

    2. Organic form: even tho you're not asked to draw the full ellipse that doesn't mean it's not a full ellipse, think of the form as something fluffy and let the contour lines wrap (contour line ) around it. And imagine the real ellipse and the draw a line that wraps around the sausage in the degrees of the ellipse

    3. The insect drawings without texture: your initial blocking of the insect form, the sausage for the legs in some of your drawings all looks flat, note: the form isn't just there for you to draw on the page and then stack flat shapes on it or contour lines you need to think of it as actually circle everything you draw will wrap around this shape, every addition form, contour lines should wrap perfectly around it to avoid ending with a flat drawing and for the legs you didn't draw a sausage form for some, you draw a normal ellipse which makes the insect looks stiff and I think you rushed this, if you really want to improve your drawings you need to focus a lot on the explanation, one step at a time no rushing you can spend a month on doing it that's fine but don't dwell on it too much but make sure you're doing the assignments as explained.

    4. Insect with texture: the spider drawing you ignored the construction of the abdomen while adding texture to it, note: texture isn't really necessary, your construction is what really matters if there's a mistake there leave it and add the textures to it that way , this is to avoid confusion the viewer, and I can also see lots of chicken scratches and cross hatching on your drawings, I advise you to revisit the ghosting lines in lesson 1 and other lessons on it, cross hatching isn't permitted.

      After finishing ever assignments make sure you use them as warm ups 2 or 3 lessons everyday for 15 min, and apply the 50/50 rule. Wishing you luck on your art journey

    Next Steps:

    2 page of organic form 1 with ellipse and the other with contour lines

    2 page of insects construction only

    1 page of insects with texture

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    7:42 PM, Monday August 28th 2023

    Hello Simone

    9:54 PM, Friday April 14th 2023

    thanks so much for the critics sir I really appreciate it. I'll take that into consideration and make some improvements on it

    5:30 AM, Monday August 1st 2022

    Wow, that's great bro ??. I'll check it out

    4:21 PM, Friday July 29th 2022

    Alright sir ????, thank you so much

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