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    5:18 PM, Thursday February 22nd 2024

    Thank you sir/ma will keep that in mind when doing warmups

    5:14 PM, Thursday February 22nd 2024

    Thanks so much for taking your time to critique my submission sir/ma I really appreciate it, I tend to have the urge of going over my lines after making a mistake and I will make some adjustments on it. I really enjoyed the critique especially the form intersection part and being precise on my vehicle construction it touches lots of the stuffs I overlooked and I learned a lot from it thanks. Am currently on the treasure chest challenge and I've done 16 will post it when am done and i would love to get your critique on it sir/ma

    8:47 PM, Tuesday January 2nd 2024

    You're doing well, I'll be marking this as complete. Don't forget to use this exercise as warmups am sure you'll improve. Great job on completing the lesson 1, I'll be dropping some images on some info of stuffs you should think about when doing the rotated box as warmup. Something I also think about when doing the rotated box is the fact that the cross is my horizon lines, all you need to do is shift your vanishing point when drawing each box am also not good at this yet but I hope the critique helps you. Wrapping this up, happy new year wishing you more success on the rest of the exercise it's a new year to improve I wish we all achieve our dream https://imgur.com/a/uTdHzE5

    Good luck on your 250 box challenge

    Next Steps:

    250 box challenge

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    5:52 PM, Sunday December 31st 2023

    Hi monitor am tempest also drawabox practitioner, I mean am also going through the program and I'll be dropping some critiques on your submission to the best of my ability, you did a really great job completing this exercise except for some mistakes on some parts of it and I'll be pointing that out for you .

    First let's start with the superimposed lines, I can see some of your lines not tapering on both side, the tapering should occur on one part of the line which is the start where you place your pen and also some of the curving lines are really loose and not tight, although perfectionism is something that comes with time but you should make sure you're ghosting your lines before putting it on the page ( confident lines make your drawings looks more neat and easier to understand for the viewer what's going on in the page).

    Ghosting lines and planes you did really well on this, kudos on that. Don't really have much to say on this, some of your line are not hitting the point and I can see you going through some of the lines more than one time it's okay for now tho everybody makes mistakes but I think you should be aware of it and keep it in mind.

    Now let's move to the ellipses region, nice work on the table of ellipses. When drawing your ellipse make sure you go over it not more than 2 or 3 times to make it less rough and make sure you keep it tight also this is what comes with time, ellipses in planes I see some issues in this in which some of ellipses are not aligned and are floating in the plane https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/17/deformed, I don't think the link will work tho this is my first time practicing it (?.? ??? ??? ???.?) anyway, some of your ellipses are not tight I hope you work on this. Funnels of ellipses, some of your ellipses are not aligned to your minor axis https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/18/step2, you should make it look more like this https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/18/step2 and not this https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/18/notaligned I hope am posting the right link. Back to discussion plotted perspective: I really love this part of your submission you did a really great job on this, neat line and cool hatching.

    Rough perspective: some of your boxes are not straight like they're bending not really aligned to the horizon line, remember only one lines part converges to the vp the rest are parallel. Organic boxes nice submission also note don't forget to draw through your boxes. Rotated box: the box is not complete some of the parts are missing and are not been well rotated. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/21/example check this.

    Nice work completing the lesson

    Next Steps:

    Finish the rotated box https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/21/example and 1 page of plane of ellipse, when you're done comment with this submission so I can mark it as complete.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    4:58 PM, Sunday December 31st 2023

    Hi raytronv.

    Am tempest, will be dropping some critiques on your submission. Am also still learning but I'll try my best.

    I really love your approach on this exercise, it looks really cool and nice you did a great job on nailing the concepts of the exercise, so I'll be pointing out some mistakes I noted in some parts of the submission first let's start with the ellipses part (ellipses in planes and table of ellipses)

    I see you going over some of the ellipses more than 2 or 3 times and you're careful drawing your ellipses in a way that some of it looks wobbly and some of the ellipses are not tight, I think this is caused because you're trying to fix the ellipses in the bounding box or plane, yeah that's important but implying confident stroke also matters. There's this trick I learn from a YouTube video I watched I don't really remember cut the long discussion short, point your pinky finger out while drawing this force you to draw from your elbow without moving your wrist, it might not feel like it but sometimes your wrist moves without you even notice or fully aware (muscle memory), it all takes time tho. I couldn't find the boxes in one point perspective exercise so am guessing you did a 2 point perspective instead if that's the case I don't think that's allowed. Using one point perspective makes you focus on getting your lines to reach the point without causing confusion and by applying the ghosting method to execute the line.

    Rotated boxes: the trick I think about when doing this exercise is the Idea of making the boxes form a perfect circular shape. Some of your boxes are not well rotated you can go over the explanation again if you don't grab the content well it's okay I also do that sometimes (? ??????? ?) and watch the YouTube videos. Anyways you did a really great work, I'll be marking this submission as complete. Keep practicing and using the exercises as warmup 2 or 3 is okay for 30 mins, you'll get better it takes time, one step at a time. Good luck with your 250 box challenge. Happy new year (???????)

    Next Steps:

    250 box challenge and make a submission of rough perspective using one vanishing point

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    10:18 PM, Wednesday December 27th 2023

    You're welcome

    3:29 PM, Friday November 17th 2023

    Hmmm, I won't really say texture don't make sense on paper, if done the right way texture helps put out the form of a shape, on paper drawing the whole texture observed from a reference something tends to make the drawing looks rough and make it like drawing just random lines to solve this it's important to know when to stop, draw in the important cast shadows. Trust me I do this myself, for instance am doing studies of a tree, rock, ancient Greek or Egypt buildings, there's lots of cast shadows and form lines running around this stuffs and it's filled with them.

    I start studying the reference and drawing every line on the rock, get obsessed with the thing at the end of the day I end up with a form filled with haphazard lines, no focal points and no place for the eye to rest. Anyway I really love your submissions especially the wheel challenge, it's really awesome, keep it up

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    6:20 PM, Saturday September 2nd 2023

    Hi logicalspark,

    Tempestsnow here will be dropping some critics on your submission.

    It seems you used a ballpoint pen, or if it's the tip of the pen some of your lines looks messy and sketchy. Any way you did an awesome work on this keep it up. Seems you're having problem drawing a tight and neat ellipse some took wobbly, here's a tip for you on that it's something I use often I imagine locking my wrist making it stagnant with no movement and then move my full arm to make the ellipse or line I want to make although it's not easy to get adapted to it but you can try it out and also in your texture analysis it's lacking transition from light to dark , the lesson says not to focus too much on texture but you still have to understand the concept, read through the texture analysis note again and go through the video get a basic understanding on what the exercise is trying to portray. Good luck on lesson 3

    Next Steps:

    Lesson 3 and 1 texture analysis study

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    6:02 PM, Saturday September 2nd 2023

    Hi 7lagoon7,

    You did a great job, I don't really have much to say on this, some of your ellipses drawn in the organic form are not tight and the degrees of some of it are off, apart from that you really did a great job on this submission.

    Good luck on lesson 3

    Do warm ups, enjoy drawing in general and apply the 50/50 rule

    Next Steps:

    Lesson 3

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    6:27 PM, Friday September 1st 2023

    I improved thanks to your critics.

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