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    8:10 AM, Saturday October 3rd 2020

    Lesson 2 - Dissections redone (using cast shadows):


    7:58 AM, Tuesday August 25th 2020

    Hey Cybertortoise22,

    Thank you for the time and effort you took to analyze my work, I really appreciate it ^^

    I now do agree with you that I need to do the dissections exercise again mainly because of the lack of cast shadows (I did interpret the exercise wrongly).

    I would like to point out one thing though:

    You did mention that you saw quite a lot of mistakes in the form intersections but you did not specify those mistakes.

    For example was the problem mainly with the box-box intersection or mby with the box-circle intersection.

    What I mean is that "you seeing quite a lot of mistakes that you don't specify" doesn't rly help me.

    Best regards,


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    6:40 AM, Tuesday August 11th 2020

    Heoo Algebrartist,

    I would say that you should try to apply the things you learn with your spare time drawings.

    For example if I'm learning about 1-point perspective in my spare time I would try to do stylized barrel or chest in 1-point perspective.

    For me 250 box challenge helped me to visualize boxes in different rotations. Once you have box in

    certain position and rotation you can begin to construct things inside of that box (or outside), for example that barrel.

    I think this video should help:


    What I draw varies a lot. It could be everyday objects, animals, landscapes etc.

    I've had that clicking moment when I have drawn for example pine tree multiple times and then I've compare the latter one to the first one that I've drawn. I try to track my process by comparing my more recent work to my older ones.

    For this I'd recommend to watch this video:


    Hopefully this helped :)

    5:07 AM, Tuesday August 11th 2020

    Thanks a lot for the feedback, really appreciate^^

    12:19 PM, Monday March 16th 2020

    Hi Loopkin,

    Thanks for the critique, I appreciate you taking the time to give a feedback :)

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