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    5:47 PM, Wednesday September 6th 2023


    Hereby the revisions, one page of organic forms and one with contour ellipses. Hope this is up to standards, I attempted to make the sausages less pointy at the ends.


    4:27 PM, Thursday April 27th 2023

    Good going :) you definitely saw what I meant and corrected it. The arrowheads are a little bit weird, but luckily they're not part of the exercise!

    Next Steps:

    Hope you like nature. Onto lesson 3!

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    11:51 AM, Friday April 7th 2023

    Good going! Skimming through the pages, everything looks good so consider that a pass. Let's review everything anyway to see if we can get you some useful feedback.


    Lots of creativity! You made all sorts of curves and ribbons, I appreciate it. A few of your ribbons even have full twists instead of curves, you drew them well but it wasn't quite part of the exercise.

    You understood the foreshortening part quite well, differing the width of the ribbon depending on how far in front it is, as well as changing up the space between the curves.

    Do pay attention to your lineweight though, you overdid it. Just a gentle line is enough to be able to tell overlap, but yours are clearly visible, I'd even call them thick. Too subtle is better than too noticeable, in this case!


    You only uploaded one page, did you forget the second one?

    The shape of the sausages look good. Consistent in width with a slight bend, not too complex a shape. Your ellipses follow the shape of the sausage nicely, and I can tell you've tried to switch up the degree of the ellipses as well, though I'm afraid you were holding back a bit too much still. If you look at the example, you can tell the ellipse width really changes from thin to wide: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/ellipses


    You did not quite make full gradients in your texture analysis page, there is no transition from dark to light. Imagine a very bright light on the right-side of the boxes, shining a light to the left. The goal is to imagine which shapes are there on the page, and draw only the hard shadows of the shapes that stick up. Because the light is located on the right, the further you go left, the more shadow you'll find, ending up in a full black shape.

    For the dissections similarly, you ended up with mostly the same texture leaving a gap of white, as opposed to making a proper gradient from light to dark: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/6/notransition

    Also, your dissections don't follow the curves of the sausage properly, causing a rather flat look: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/7/curvature

    Form intersections:

    Jeez, you went full ham on this exercise. I don't know if this is A3-format paper or you just made small shapes, but you made plenty of them! Awesome. They look good too, you draw nice spheres and ellipses, and most everything is drawn in proper perspective. I'm impressed.

    However, you did draw with a large amount of foreshadowing, which results in a somewhat messy look. The idea of this exercise is to draw shallow perspective, nearly isometric even. When the amount of foreshortening differs per object, it becomes really hard to think about intersection.

    As for the intersection lines themselves, you've drawn them a bit arbitrarily, but that's okay because that wasn't the goal of this exercise anyway. No worries about that.

    Organic intersections:

    Look fine, though be careful of drawing complex shapes. You should avoid draping your beans in this exercise, they have to retain their original shape and just lean against/over eachother. A bunch of your shadows have a bit of a weird shape. A few of them hug the form of the sausages they are cast from: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/9/shadows

    Other shadows are drawn properly on the body they're on, but don't follow the shape of the body they're drawn onto. If you cast a shadow on a curved surface, the shadow will follow the curve of the surface it's cast on.

    That said and done, the sausages are otherwise well drawn and you have plenty creativity in your composition.


    I'm doubting. I'm gonna let you pass without asking for some additional pages, but should you find the time, consider re-doing one Texture Analysis and one Form Intersections page anyway. You draw well and your concept of perspective is solid enough to just continue.

    The textures were quite messy, however, and you didn't quite grasp the idea behind gradients.

    As for the intersections, try and draw a few shapes with similar foreshadowing, as opposed to mixing dramatic and shallow ones.

    Next Steps:

    On to Lesson 3 you go!

    (but take into account the feedback you got!)

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    11:26 AM, Friday April 7th 2023

    Good going on finishing Lesson 2! Giving everything a quick glance, I can tell I'm gonna mark this as complete :) but let's review it anyway to see if we got some good feedback.


    You have a solid understanding on how to foreshorten your ribbons. Large in front, small in back. One thing you didn't quite get right is that this also goes for the spaces inbetween the arrows. That is to say, if you look at this curve, you'll see that in the back the curve is also much closer to eachother than at the front: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/step1

    All in all, no worries though. You put all the shading at the right spots too, you have a fine understanding of depth.


    Your sausage shapes are well done. Especially your second page is smooth anf confident, doesn't taper, is nice and consistent in width. Very good!

    The ellipses are less confident, they're rather wobbly and you didn't quite draw all of the ellipses through twice. I recommend spending more time on that for warmups! Something you also missed is to shift the degree of the ellipse. This is required to give the sausages the illusion of "bending", as it stands they are quite flat. Check out this bit: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/ellipses


    You did decently well on the textures exercises. Be careful to not draw the shapes themselves, you have quite a few forms drawn out fully: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/6/drawingforms

    Be sure to imagine one strong light source, the point of the exercise is to only draw the strong shadows that come from that single point of light shining onto your object.

    On most of your dissections you did it fine, but there's a significant amount of shapes where you either didn't transition from dense to sparse as you went around the shape: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/6/notransition

    or where you forgot to actually follow the curve of the sausages themselves: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/7/curvature

    You did break the silhouette properly everywhere, which is great!

    Form Intersections:

    You've drawn all your objects in roughly the same perspective, and kept all the shapes equilateral, both perfect! A solid amount of objects too, with plenty of overlap. The intersection lines are a bit awkward, but that is fully understandable and not the point of this exercise anyway.

    However, your linework is sloppy. Lots of unconfident wobbly marks have been made, the hatching isn't spaced properly, there has been a clear lack of ghosting and just overall.. hastiness. It's not enough to make you redo this part, but please take it into account! Clean, confident linework is at the core of this entire course, and this really isn't done properly.

    Organic Intersections:

    Well.. there is a certain lack of creativity here. But honestly, otherwise well done. The shapes look proper, the shadows follow the curves of the object below it nicely, you have a good understanding of how shapes touch eachother in a three-dimension space and how to adjust shapes to give a good illusion of solidity. (there's one sausage in the middle somewhere that's really off, but we'll ignore that). All in all, you did this exercise well. Consider drawing another page where you don't just stack like a jenga tower but get a bit more creative like in the example homework: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/9/example


    Awesome, you did great. Continue on to lesson 3.

    However, do take extra care of your linework, the form intersections exercise wasn't well done. Consider really slowing down the pace you complete the lessons at, and pay more attention to the marks you place.

    Next Steps:

    Onwards, lesson 3!

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    11:43 AM, Thursday April 6th 2023

    Oh dear, I don't think you did it well either, I'm sorry :(


    You made exactly one arrow that is passable, the rest you kept flat. Be sure to re-read the exercise properly, especially the "Common Mistakes" section. Your lines are wobbly and unconfident, you did not take perspective into account at all, you didn't draw shading inside the bends either.


    Your sausages are oddly shaped. They bulk and bend at weird places, and are not consistent in width at all, tapering at the ends. Your ellipses aren't changing in degree either, and they don't follow the angle of the center lines you drew. On the page where the ellipses aren't fully drawn through you did take care to get the "ellipse-shape" in, so that's good. You did draw the wrong half of the ellipses, though.


    I agree that you didn't capture the textures well. The goal of this exercise isn't to draw the "shape" of the paper, it's to draw the "shadows". Imagine there being a bright lamp on the right-side of the paper, shining all its light to the left. What kind of shadows would then appear? That is what you're supposed to draw :)

    I fear you've failed to submit the texture dissections entirely.

    Form intersections:

    These forms aren't drawn with proper perspective, so there is very little to give in terms of feedback. Please refer back to the 250 boxes exercise to learn about perspective and foreshortening before doing this part again!

    Also, the idea was to draw lines where the forms are intersecting, but most of your forms aren't even overlapping. Please re-read the exercise before doing this again.

    Organic intersections:

    For this exercise, I.. you made floating shapes. I'm afraid you failed to read the exercise. The end result should look like a pile of sausages all lying on a solid floor. After you've done that, someone can give feedback on the shadows you were supposed to draw but didn't!


    I'm afraid I can't let this pass at all. Looking at your profile, I think noone gave you a passing grade for 250 boxes either, which explains why this lesson went so bad. The next lessons will only be harder, so please return to the 250 boxes challenge and make sure you fully understand it before you continue!

    Next Steps:

    Return to the 250 boxes challenge.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    11:27 AM, Thursday April 6th 2023

    Good job finishing Lesson 2. However, I'm afraid I can't mark this lesson as complete.

    I will be going over some of the mistakes you have made, but none of the exercises have been done properly.

    I'm sorry in advance for being harsh :(


    Some of the arrows are finished, most of them are submitted in an unfinished state. You haven't taken perspective into account, the ribbons are the same width all the way through. Your shading has been placed at random spots on the ribbon instead of in the inside of the bends as was asked.


    Your sausages are mostly ellipses instead of slightly bent shapes. I will admit, the ellipses inside the sausages look rather good, if your entire submission had the quality of these ellipses you'd pass. But I'm afraid that's where the compliments end. All your ellipses are the same degree, you'll want to vary them in width to give the illusion of bending in three-dimensional space, as it stands they are rather flat. Your sausages are tapering towards the end, please keep them a consistent width. Also the linework is somewhat wobbly and unconfident. Be sure to practice your ghosting before placing marks on paper!


    The idea of this exercise is to draw just cast shadows of actual photos of objects. I'm afraid you came up with some fantasy objects to draw, and have no done a proper study of them. In the dissections exercise, you pasted the random shapes as if they were a flat surface, not taking any light source into account. Also, be sure to avoid "scratching" the page to make texture, it is never required!

    Form intersections:

    None of the shapes are drawn in proper perspective, and none of the shapes are overlapping. This is the opposite of what was asked in the exercise, so I'm not even sure how to critique this.

    Organic intersections:

    Be sure to keep your shapes simple, these are elongated and draped. Be sure to draw the full shape of the sausages even when they would otherwise hide behind other objects. The shadows seem to have been placed arbitrarily, and on most drawings no shadows have been placed at all. Be sure to re-read the exercise to understand where to place the shadows.


    I don't think any of the exercises are passable, I recommend you re-read the exercises and re-submit the homework in full if you would like a proper grade. Sorry :(

    However, looking at your profile I can see that you haven't received a review for your first lesson either, and you have not done the 250 boxes challenge yet. It is mandatory before starting this lesson, because it will get you the required amount of practice in drawing perspective needed to be able to do this lesson properly.

    Next Steps:

    Do the 250 boxes challenge first!

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    2 users agree
    11:04 AM, Thursday April 6th 2023

    Hey hey, good job on finishing Lesson 2. I'll be splitting this in five sections to review separately, here we go.


    You've drawn plenty of arrows! You made a few critical mistakes though, so I'm gonna ask you to do another page for me.

    First of all, you have placed your "shading" on the wrong side of the curves. If you look at the examples, you'll see that the shading has been added on the inside of the bends, while you have placed them on the outside. This gives your arrows the impression of impossible perspective: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/step4

    A large amount of arrows aren't actually folding onto themselves. Don't be afraid to let lines cross! A few arrows have been drawn well, most the majority remains flat: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/overlap

    Also try and create more dramatic foreshortening. That is to say, in the distance, the arrow will be both a lot smaller than in the front, and the space between the curves will be shorter as well.

    Check out this section of the lesson for a bit of an explanation: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/4/overlap


    Your sausages are mostly either too simple or too complex. Please be sure to make a gentle sausage-shape. Some of your shapes are near ellipses, and others are full C-shapes.

    You did well on making the ellipses follow the shape of the sausage! And you've also drawn through your ellipses, making multiple loops which is great. Definitely keep practicing these though, your ellipses are somewhat wobbly, which is a result of drawing them too slow.

    Most of your ellipses are the same shape, though. It's important to change the degree of your ellipses to give the illusion of curvature, otherwise the shapes will remain looking flat. See: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/degree

    Also be sure to doublecheck the angle of your ellipses. Some of them do not align with the center line of the sausage at all: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/5/alignment

    Lastly, I am missing a full page of sausages, did you forget to upload one?


    Well done on the textures! You might want to experiment a bit more with stronger shadow sections, but overall you did well on this exercise. Especially the dissection textures exercise is well done, you also work with giving the silhouette a good shape, making it seem nice and three-dimensional. If anything, try to keep in mind exactly from what angle the light is coming from, so you can place the cast shadows consistently in the same direction.

    Form intersections:

    You did well on these too. The intersections themselves are off, but that's to be expected, and that is also not the goal of this exercise. You drew most of the shapes with a similar rate of foreshadowing, which makes all the shapes feel like they fit in the same space well. You're also drawing confident straight lines, so I assume the work in the 250 boxes challenge has paid off!

    Organic intersections:

    These look fine as well, but you did make some important mistakes. I won't have you redraw them but it's good to take a note.

    First of all, these shapes are draped, you still want to make sure to make solid sausage-shapes. For this exercise its important you don't draw complex forms: https://drawabox.com/lesson/2/9/complicated

    You did well on not making the shadows hug the shape they're coming from! The next step is to make the shadows actually follow the shape it is attached to, however, which you sometimes did, but sometimes failed.

    Also please be sure to draw the entire shape. I see you've only drawn a few sausages partially (because they would be behind other sausages anyway). For the purpose of Drawabox, always be sure to draw the full shape, front to back.


    I was expecting a pretty low quality submission, but halfway through it picked up immensely, and you actually did a really good job!! Going by the organic intersections, I'm gonna assume you have a decent grasp of the sausages exercise as well, so no worries about finding that missing page to upload.

    However, I can't let those arrows slide, they're messy. Would you draw and upload another page for me, making sure to re-read the exercise properly?

    Focus on two things mainly:

    • stronger foreshortening (smaller arrows/empty space in the back, wider arrows/larger spaces in the front)

    • drawing the shading in the proper place. Doublecheck the exercise and pay close attention to where you put it.

    Good luck!

    Next Steps:

    One more page of arrows.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    2:11 PM, Thursday March 30th 2023

    Ha, i wasn't expecting a comment in here, but I'll gladly take the compliment! Thank you!

    4:50 PM, Friday March 24th 2023

    Very cool, those are no problem to you. Onwards!

    Next Steps:

    Lesson 2!

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    2:04 PM, Tuesday March 21st 2023

    You're in luck, you're getting a heckin' speedy review!

    Awesome job on completing the 250 boxes, it's quite a feat. Taking a quick sneak peak at the 250th box, I think you did just fine, I could mark this lesson as complete right now.

    Instead, let me go through the boxes 50 by 50, see if we can find you some nice feedback and see if you made some good progression while at it.

    Boxes 1-50

    The small size of the pictures you took make it somewhat harder to zoom in on imgur. Not a bad thing, just makes it a bit rougher for me here. Your first set of boxes look great already. I was going to make a remark on how similar all your boxes are looking, but within the first 50 boxes you already went full creative with different shapes like pizza boxes and stretched bars. Good going! Your lines are sharp and straight, and you are even hatching your boxes properly. Even if its optional, it is great that you are doing so and I'm sure I'll see the fruits of that effort down the line. I particularly enjoy your experiments with boxes 25-29.

    I can't tell if you have been adding lineweight to the outside of the boxes though, I don't think I see any. I do recommend doing that as well, as it is an invaluable bit of practice ghosting lines, and it will greatly benefit the rest of the course to do so.

    Boxes 51-100

    You're experimenting with even more box shapes and even sizes now. It is clear that you have properly understood the goal of this exercise.

    You infrequently have the odd box like number 92 and 94 where your lines are converging "in pairs" instead of all to the same point. Most of your boxes properly have all four lines converging to the same point, which is indeed how it's supposed to go. I'm noting this mainly cause it seems to be a bit of a recurring trend, so it's something you might want to keep an extra eye on.

    Also, at box 91 you have redrawn a few of your lines. Please be careful not to do that! There's plenty boxes to be drawn still, if you make the wrong mark just accept the error and move on. There is no need to make boxes look better in hindsight, just make the next box better instead.

    Boxes 101-150

    I see some scratching in this set of boxes, avoid doing so! Bad, bad! Just leave the errors in and move on. Boxes 119, 125, 129, 130, 131.

    I also see some dotted lines in 106 and 108. I'm not entirely sure what to make of these. You're not intended to try and draw additional lines over your already drawn boxes, but on the other hand.. this is clearly showing that you are fully understanding the mistakes you made and you know how to fix them. Which is good :)

    Boxes 151-200

    I think something clicked for you around this point, I'm seeing a large amount of great boxes. Of course there's still odd angles and plenty small mistakes, but the amount of boxes that are drawn correctly are no coincidence. It's clear that you have the right idea, the rest is a matter of a thousand more drawn boxes.

    Boxes 201-250

    Box 201 is oddly off. But its the only one really. You're even doing well on the hard long boxes like 208. I am particularly impressed by how you manage to keep all your "middle two" lines properly converging as well. At worst you draw them parallel (which results in the "converging in pairs of 2" issue), but that is so much better than diverging which you are solidly avoiding.


    Honestly, great job. The main takeaway here is that all lines of a box should converge to the same point, and you understood that perfectly fine. Your lines are decently straight, even on the larger boxes, you hatched diligently, I have very little feedback for you.

    Except for that I didn't see that line weight. I'm afraid that is a solid 1500 lines you could've practice ghosting on but didn't, you're just gonna have to do that in hindsight now! Also, don't redraw lines to fix things! Adjust and move on :) no redoing or chicken scratching.

    On to Lesson 2.

    Next Steps:

    Lesson 2! Finally some non-straight lines to draw!

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