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    2:17 PM, Sunday July 3rd 2022


    yes, i probably did rush, looking at discord i saw a user that did 70 minutes while on average mines are 10 minutes,

    so i tried taking my time and observing so 30 minutes a drawing is pretty good i think

    as for me being afraid of feedback is true i guess, even tho i never realised it

    6:38 PM, Saturday April 16th 2022

    thanks for the critique,

    I didnt understand what you tried to explain about the organic forms with contour curves..if you could make it more clear for me

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    4:08 PM, Wednesday March 30th 2022


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    4:11 PM, Saturday March 26th 2022

    very nice!

    5:58 PM, Friday March 11th 2022


    i followed what you said

    no zigzaging, be thoughtful of lines, and the branches lines..

    at the branches i tried to stick to what is written but there were a few times that i started from the middle. also, i didnt do rotated branches cuz i tried to make the line more accurate

    i always try to make line thoughtfully but i often find myself doing on impulse. for example the base on 2nd page left plant .

    in the submission there are some lines that look weak (like here https://imgur.com/jkezk8z) its because of my pen getting dried really fast if i dont use it.

    in general i try to strive for the best line i can but my impulsiveness and not so great accuracy make them seem ugly.

    i dont feel rushed, im in general too impulsive so this is actually me focusing all my mental strenght on making good lines and not rushed ones

    on plants page 1 i redid the pitcher because of its upper body, watching the video i didnt feel the shape so i tried to make my own version

    1:08 PM, Saturday October 16th 2021

    thank you Rob

    heres the organic exercise as well as the missing one.


    i ghosted almost everything and added some dark lines to indicate overlaps so it wont confuse me.

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