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    3:55 PM, Sunday July 4th 2021

    Hi and thanks for your critique, I tried to apply what you said in these 4 additional drawing :

    Thanks again,


    6:39 AM, Wednesday May 12th 2021

    Thanks for your critique.

    Concerning the first tire where I filed in the side planes of the spokes, how should I have done it ? Since it's a completely flat surface, by filling one thick line instead of the whole surface ?

    Thanks again,


    5:34 PM, Wednesday March 3rd 2021

    Thank you very much :)

    8:01 PM, Saturday February 27th 2021

    Hi and thanks for all your advices.

    I tried to apply everything you said to these 4 more construction drawings:

    Could you show how you would have done the lion's mane (if it doesn't take too much time) please ?

    Thanks again


    5:13 PM, Thursday February 4th 2021

    Thanks for your critique.

    One of the link ( does not work, could you send it back please ?

    To be sure I understood, in order show the additional structure, I have to add a new layer that wrap around the previous layer ?

    Thanks again,


    4:01 PM, Saturday January 16th 2021

    Thanks for your critique. I looked back at the reference ( and it seems unvoidable to do this zigzaging, because the changes appeared all the way of the edges. I'm not sur to be clear. But maybe I should not follow completely the ref ?

    Thanks again

    5:31 PM, Wednesday January 13th 2021

    Hi and thank you for your critiques, I will take them into account for the future. As requested, you will find below a link with 4 pages of plant construction. I still had some difficulty with the texture.

    Thank you,


    12:45 PM, Friday December 18th 2020

    Thanks for your reply, I think I will do the texture challenge along the other lessons ;)

    9:20 AM, Thursday December 17th 2020

    Hi and thank you for your critique :)

    Concerning the texture analysis, to be sure I clearly understood, my gradient is no significant enough ?

    With the dissection I need to focus on the cast shadows but in the example like for the hair, we can't do otherwise than following the shape sometimes, same with the bricks ? I feel like we sometimes have to followe the shape and at the same time use the cast shadow ?

    Not sure if I'm clear enough...

    Should I redo this dissection exercise to get my hand on it or the 25 texture challenge will help me improve with that ?

    Thanks again :)

    9:30 PM, Sunday November 8th 2020

    Hello thank you fro your critique, I will do planes and funnels as warmups then ;). I will continue with the 250 box challenge. I could try again the rotated box exercise after this chanllenge or should I first do lesson 2 and then redo it ?

    Thanks again,


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