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    7:03 PM, Thursday February 15th 2024

    Hey Culhwch, thanks for your reply and to be honest I don't think it matters whether you're an amateur or not. We're all in the same boat/journey after all, it's good and comforting to hear you're starting to get over this hurdle yourself. It's certainly a big one. I think that's definitely a big issue for me (trusting in the process), but I'll try my best to take your advice on board.

    6:56 PM, Thursday February 15th 2024

    Thank you Melos, I appreciate your reply, the prompts seem a good solution to get me going and what I was looking for. I think It'll help with the paralysis aspect that's for sure. I like your attitude, I hope that you get past your recent struggles with this also.

    3:39 AM, Tuesday July 12th 2022

    There are times when your lines converge in pairs or you attempt to keep your lines a bit too parallel which results in them diverging

    I've been trying to figure out why that was happening pretty much through out the challenge and the back corner. I think when I was drawing the outer pairs I got into the habbit of comparing them individually to the inner line instead of as a set as you mentioned. That makes more sense, I'll work on incorpating next time I draw a box.

    You tend to draw fairly small, I'd like you to draw larger in the future.

    Yeah I started getting paranoid about leaving myself room for the convergence check which resulted in them getting progressive;y smaller as I went on haha. I do work in A3 for that reason alone as A4 is way to cramped for me. This definitely something to work on for all my art as that seems to be a trend for me.

    Thank you, for the feedback, I'll put it to use ASAP.

    5:24 PM, Saturday December 25th 2021

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you for the detailed feedback, especially on Christmas eve, I wasn't really expecting anyone to get back to be to be honest.

    I actually felt like I was struggling with the ellipses with trying to get a good ghosting rhythm. I felt that if I went fast it would be smooth but the accuracy would be way off but then if I slowed down it would introduce some muscle twitches which I assume is my brain course correcting.

    I figured I'd get picked up on redrawing the lines for the free hand boxes, It would get really frustrating when I would plot out a line with intent but then my arm would do its own thing and it would be way off. Felt like I lost a couple of good boxes to that. But yeah I learnt towards the end particularly when doing the rotated boxes it made it really hard to see what was going on.

    With regards to the one point I knew in my mind that the vertical and horizontal lines should be parallel as they're going to infinite but I don't think I can tell when its straight. Is that something that will come in practice? I do struggle with seeing angles correctly. And then sometimes it would be literally down to my arm doing its own thing again how frustrating.

    I could definitely tell by the end of it when doing my warms ups that my lines are getting way better and the accuracy seems to be getting tighter too. Thank you again, onto the daunting challenge. Merry Christmas.

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