You can 100%! Not a doubt in my mind! School will not help at all if you aren’t committed to the goal of being a good artist.

I went to an art school for 3-4 years and still haven’t gotten where I want to be (Plus a lot of loans I have to pay back). And that lies fully on my shoulders. When I went to an art college I lacked the commitment and discipline to develop the skills and cultivate a network of artist friends to learn and grow alongside each other. I was a very anxious, awkward and negative person (still am but less than I used to be) and doubted myself heavily throughout my entire time at school. That made it hard to connect with the professors and my fellow peers’, thus making feedback hard to receive and implement. Plus I was honestly lazy and undedicated although I really did want to be a professional artist. I lacked that self-motivated spark that makes people really good artists.

I believe you can supplement all those things that school gives you online. You can build a community that is working towards the same goal. You can get the feedback of peers and professional. And you can get some structure online, such as this website. Only thing that cannot be supplemented online is your attitude and belief that you can accomplish what you want to do. Being positive and a can-do attitude will get you further than any college or degree saying “I leart skillz”.