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    6:32 PM, Tuesday September 22nd 2020

    I think the 50/50 rule applies to what makes you happy to draw. If drawing drawabox exercises make you happy then more power to you, draw those.

    For most people however, the assignments take a lot of focus and mindful practice and its very easy to get burned out on the program. I have been burnt out twice on this program and its very much due to just grinding out one homework after another.

    However, I think its very important to draw things you suck at. There is a reason it looks wrong and you need to analyze it to see what your are messing up so that you can fix it. Don't be afraid to draw bad drawings. Bad drawings lead to good ones.

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    6:32 PM, Sunday March 8th 2020

    I think its really good. Only thing that maybe sticks out to me is the index finger looks a little off. Perhaps make the base of the index finger less chubby and let their be a gap between the index and middle finger?

    All in all its pretty good. Nice job.

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    10:42 PM, Wednesday February 19th 2020

    Honestly? Whatever you want. You have to push past the expectations that what you make will be a masterpiece.

    Say you want to draw swords, draw a sword. After you have done that, look at the sword and decide what you like or do not like about it, then draw another sword.

    Same thing with characters, draw them. Sure their anatomy will be off and they make look crazy but you are getting practice. You are actively practicing drawing figures and probably having a lot more fun than drawing boxes.

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    10:36 PM, Wednesday February 19th 2020

    When I started the challenge (currently sitting at 60 boxes) a lot of my earlier boxes looked the same.

    As I went along and got more comfortable with making mistakes I started playing more into the foreshortening and that has spiced up my boxes a bit.

    My advice would be to challenge yourself with some of the boxes angles, we have to do 250 of them so a few really bad attempts isn't the end of the world. :)

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    10:33 PM, Wednesday February 19th 2020

    I have found the line lessons/homework has really helped with my line accuracy working in digital.

    I use them as a warm-up before I start drawing.

    Other than that since the course requires pen/paper I haven't done the other lessons/homework in digital.

    10:58 PM, Thursday February 13th 2020

    Interesting, how much time did you give yourself for each blind contour drawing? Did you give yourself 1 min or 2 min or did you just stop once you felt like you had completed the drawing?

    I feel like I am struggling with the same issue so I am eager to try this method.

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