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    4:31 AM, Wednesday November 30th 2022

    Thank you so much for the detailed information and feedbacks !

    5:07 AM, Monday July 25th 2022

    Thank you so much for your explanation, the drawabox courses teached me a lot. it has been a wonderful experience. I'll be heading to 100 chest challenge next.

    10:27 AM, Friday July 22nd 2022

    Hello, here's my revision for lesson 7:

    I hope you dont mind me asking this, but i have somewhat a hard time subdividing planes into odds number like 7, 9 , etc, As was seen on the car 3 otographic, i kinda just mirrored the plane until it have 7 equal plane. I dont know if its a valid approach of doing it, so im going to ask this just in case.

    i attempted (3 times) to copy the exact method that you post a link to here

    the (1/7)

    but i always ends up with 8 equal plane, and i dont know why, its so weird.

    Also last question, outside of drawabox, is drawing the whole box first than cutting or carving the box a wrong way to approach drawing ? its somewhat easier for me to do that rather than constructing to scale, but if its a bad/wrong method, than i will not do it even outside of drawabox.

    Anyway, i'm sorry if im asking to many questions, i hope i dont take too much of your time.

    Thank you.

    6:30 AM, Monday June 13th 2022

    Thank you for the critiques,

    i didnt realise that i wrote the degree wrong. i looked at my elipse guide, and i think there's a mistake in the numbering (pic for reference)

    Thank you for your time, i'll move on to the next lesson, i just hope that i'll survive this last lessons.

    3:04 AM, Sunday May 29th 2022

    Thank you for the feedbacks

    7:43 AM, Tuesday May 10th 2022

    Thank you for your detailed critiques, it helps me understand a lot of things.

    There's a question i want to ask regarding the wheel challenge. I tried to find the master elpise template, all over my country, but didn't find one that have varying degree. The closest i can get is this :

    i think it lacks the 15 and 60 degree

    Is this ruler still workable ? or should i just freehand all the way ?

    I could buy the one you recommend from amazon, but it will take a month for it to arrives here (not to mention our notoriously bad postal service).

    Thank you.

    7:08 AM, Saturday April 9th 2022

    thank you for your time

    3:56 AM, Saturday March 5th 2022

    thank you for the feedbacks, i'll be sure to practice and apply every points you said in this feedbacks

    11:19 AM, Friday March 4th 2022

    Hello sir, this is my lessons 5 revisions

    I hope i dont mess this up, but if i do please let me know.

    2:43 AM, Tuesday March 1st 2022

    thank you for the critique sir,

    for the revision, do i need to construct a specific animal (non-hooved quadrupeds/hooved)

    Or it can be any mammals ?

    Thank you

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