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    11:28 PM, Monday April 24th 2023

    Hello, welcome to DrawABox.

    Today I will be critiquing your homework for Lesson 1. If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to ask for clarification.


    Superimposed Lines

    Your lines in this exercise are smooth and drawn with confidence. I see that you kept the fraying towards one side.

    Ghosted Lines

    Once again, you have drawn the lines in a consistent, confident and smooth manner. If your line starts to wobble, prioritize confidence over having the line meet exactly at the plotted end point. With mileage and time, it will become easier to end line exactly where you want to.

    Ghosted Planes

    I noticed that for some your lines, they are wobbly. Above all else, draw your lines confidently with the ghosting method. Don’t forget to rotate your page as needed to make the marks that you need to make.


    Table of Ellipses

    You did do well in ensuring to draw through your ellipses at least twice.

    I noticed however that some of your ellipses are wobbly as it seems like you tried to draw them accurately while also trying to them fit in the table. As with all lines you make in this course, Ensure to prioritize making consistent, confident, and smooth lines for your ellipses as accuracy and how tight the lines of your ellipses will improve with practice.

    Ellipses in Planes

    As with the previous exercises, keep in mind what I said about drawing ellipses that are confident and smooth.

    Ellipses in Funnel

    On this exercise, you drawn your ellipses snuggly within the confines of the funnels and they are well aligned with the axis. You made a solid effort here in drawing the ellipses smoothly and confidently.


    Plotted Perspective

    I don’t see any issues here. The boxes are cleanly drawn and well plotted.

    Rough Perspective

    On this exercise, you mistakenly plotted directly to the vanishing point. You are supposed to plot your lines directly from your boxes to the horizon check how close your estimated lines were to the actual vanishing point. Other than that, this was a solid attempt at this exercise.

    Rotated Boxes

    You did great at this exercise given its difficulty. The initial center boxes are well turned and rotated in 3D space. You gave a solid attempt at rotating the boxes on the outskirts. Also, you did well in keeping the space in between the boxes narrow and consistent. I noticed that some of your lines are scratchy and hesitant; Make sure to always draw your lines smoothly and confidently.

    Organic Perspective

    Ending with this exercise, you did a great job at rotating and conveying how the boxes move through 3D space. I feel that you have good beginning grasp on 3D space and perspective that'll improve with the 250 box challenge.

    Moving Forward

    I recommend that you should now do the 250 box challenge.

    Don't forget to use these exercises as warm ups as per:

    Make sure to follow the 50% rule here:

    Good job on completing lesson one and good luck on future ones!

    Next Steps:

    Move onto the 250 box challenge.

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    4:59 AM, Thursday September 8th 2022

    For me personally, I refrain from doing so as I find that music makes it harder to remember the lesson material and concentrate on the task at hand. Conversely, I do listen to music before each session while doing warm ups or while drawing during the 50% rule.

    4:24 AM, Wednesday September 7th 2022

    Thank you for your kind words. It definitely helps to have others take a look at and point out the mistakes or errors that, we ourselves, may be blind to. I do feel as if I may have been a little harsh (especially on repeating certain aspects) as I don't normally critique others but I am very glad I was able to help you.

    Also, don't make the mistake of needlessly repeating and grinding out exercises as I did. You'll wanna add each completed exercise you do to a pool and before you start a drawing session, pick two at random then do them for 10 - 15 minutes. As some exercises are complex, you'll complete them over the span of several sessions. I hope this helps and good luck on future lessons.

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    6:24 PM, Wednesday August 24th 2022

    Hello, today I am going to be critiquing your work on lesson one.


    • On your superimposed lines, I noticed that some of lines have a wobble to them. You should always strive to make smooth,consistent, and confident lines without any hesitations.

    • On the ghosted lines, your lines are wobbling.

    Ensure to always prioritize confidence in drawing your lines as accuracy will come with practice.

    • In your ghosted planes, I see that you have repeated some of lines in your planes. Try not to repeat your lines as it as this will only make mistakes more obvious.


    -In your table of ellipses, you made a earnest effort to keep your ellipses within the confines of the table. Just remember to draw through your ellipses at least twice. Trying to draw your ellipses / circles in one stroke will cause you to draw them wobbly, bumpy, or as open shapes.

    -Your ellipses in planes is similar to your table of ellipses; remember to draw through any ellispes at least two times. You want to prioritize confidence and smoothness over accuracy.

    -On your ellipses in funnels exercise, you made your ellipses fit within the confines of the funnels. Some of them are misalign with the axis but this will get better with practice.


    -In your plotted perspective, I see nothing wrong here.

    -In rough perspective exercise, you made a honest effort to plot your boxes to the vanishing point. Just remember to try not to repeat lines, as this makes mistakes more glaring and obvious.

    -Your rotated boxes exercise is well completed as you rotated the boxes to the best of your ability and that your lines are executed with confidence.

    -Your organic perspective exercise was well executed as I feel you have a good beginning grasp on perspective. Just keep in mind what I said about repeating lines.

    *Moving forward, remember to use these beginner lessons as warm ups for future ones.

    *In the future, ensure to take clearer, brighter photos of your work to allow for easier critiquing from others.

    I will mark your lesson as complete. You should now move on the the 250 box challenge.

    Next Steps:

    250 box challenge

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    3:57 PM, Wednesday August 24th 2022

    First of all, I deeply appreciate you for taking the time to critique my work. I have a bit of anxiety interacting with others online and meant to reply earlier (better late than never I suppose). I have taken your critique to heart and made a conscious effort to improve. I especially found the information about ellipses very helpful and was blind to see my own mistakes in that exercise. Once again, you have my thanks! Sorry for the late response.

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