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    10:59 AM, Friday December 16th 2022

    THANK for suggestions

    I'll keep in mid while practicing next time

    Sorry for late reply

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    10:29 AM, Friday June 3rd 2022


    Your line are not that wobbly but you tent to curve your line as as told earlier it may happen because not using shoulder pivot but one factory might also effect is when your are executing your mark your putting too much pressure on pen

    Anyway I can tell you already understand the concept told in lesson 1 so continue practicing these exercises as warm up it will going to take bit time but you will improve best of luck

    Next Steps:

    Go and tackle 250 boxes challenge

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    9:53 AM, Thursday June 2nd 2022


    LINE :-

    They are wobbly for now focus on trying to make confidence line rather than accurate line conference line are much better than accurate LINE which are wobbly as you will practice accuracy will improve over the time

    And longer line have acr (trying to arch consciously to the opposite direction, it may also happen because your not useing shoulder pivot try be aware of it)

    CIRCLE :-

    the ellipses must be drawn confidently, prioritizing confidence and smoothness,

    over accuracy.

    ghosted planes with ellipses.

    Try not think about touching ever point for now

    table of ellipses

    You did do a good job

    ellipses are within the boundaries, most

    ellipse touching each other, without overlapping

    But in some ellipses it seems like you haven't drawn through 2

    BOX :-

    On rough perspective,

    width lines are not parallel to horizon and same for height lines

    rotated boxes

    It is good

    Corners are closure and boxes are rotatin

    organic perspective

    I can see box are rotating and sense of distance is clear

    Don't worry about the box construction you will tackle it in 250 box challenge

    Overall the biggest problem you have is with your confident

    Next Steps:

    Do to 2 pages of ghosts plane and ellipse in plane

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    8:11 PM, Sunday January 23rd 2022


    2:46 PM, Saturday January 22nd 2022

    thanks you sir it's very helpful ill make sure to complete this set of exercise as soon as possible

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