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    10:17 PM, Tuesday March 21st 2023

    Thank you so much for the critique Rob. Although this is my second time doing Lesson 1 due to me wanting official critique so I understood the concepts a bit the first time. But it's great for me to learn more about them. Hopefully the 250 box challenge doesn't take me as long as the last time I did it. Again, thank you!

    7:28 PM, Saturday November 12th 2022

    Thank you so much for the critique and the kind words.

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    9:54 PM, Thursday November 3rd 2022

    Hello. My name is Seany and I'm here to critique your work.

    I'm sorry to say this, and I don't want to sound harsh with you. But I don't think you've had followed the instructions well. There are so many things that are wrong. And I think it's because you were just rushing. Drawabox will be telling you to NOT grind this out. Completing this course will take time. It's best if you don't rush.

    Next Steps:

    First things first, I recommend you getting a ruler. Because you will need a ruler for some of these exercises. Last thing, I encourage you to start all of Lesson 1 over. And make sure you are following the instructions to the tea. Also, DO NOT RUSH! I have to stress this out. I know you can do it. I believe in you.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    9:25 PM, Thursday November 3rd 2022

    Hello. I'm Seany and I'm here to critique your work.


    Your ghosted lines are well done. Nice job on not having both ends fraying. Most of your ghosted lines are confident. The accuracy could use some work but you'll get better at it over time. Your ghosted planes shows confidence too.


    The ellipses are well done in the table of ellipses. The ellipses are superimposed twice, and fits snuggly onto the boundaries. But I see some wobbliness when it comes to the ellipses on the ghosted planes. Make sure you're focusing on confidence then accuracy.


    Your box exercises are great. You followed the directions well. Your first attempt at rotated boxes looks great. But once you get a better grasp at perspective, I recommend trying it again.

    Next Steps:

    You're definitely ready for the 250 box challenge. Good luck!

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    10:36 PM, Wednesday November 2nd 2022

    Hello. My name is Seany and I'm here to critique your work today.


    1. Superimposed Lines
            -Make sure that you're putting the tip of the pen only the starting line. You need to aim for the starting line having no fraying ends.
    2. Ghosted Lines
        - Your lines seems to be overarching. Remember to use your shoulder and try underarching your lines.
    3. Ghosted Planes/Ellipses in Planes
        -For your ellipses, make sure to tighten up your ellipses. But don't worry, it will take a bit of practice until you can make better ellipses.


    1. Tables of Ellipses
        - The ellipses are, I assume that the second page was your first page, should be next to each other. 
    2. Funnels
        -Some of your funnels aren't symmetrical. They should have the same amount of ellipses on both sides. Also make sure that your ellipses are alligned. They shouldn't be slanted.


    1. Plotted Perspective
        -A box on the third plotted perspective section is looking distorted. Make sure to put all your boxes between your vanishing points.
    2. Rough Perspective
        -Make sure your width lines are parallel to the horizon and the height lines perpendicular to the horizon. Also, you should be doing your extensions, especially the one box with the question mark. 
    3. Rotated Boxes
        - Make sure you're drawing through your boxes because I can see some that are not.
        Hopefully, I've done well with critiquing your work.

    Next Steps:

    -I want you to work on 1 page on Table of Ellipses, and 1 page of funnels. Good luck.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    8:16 PM, Tuesday November 1st 2022

    Hello. I’m Seany and I’m here to critique your work today.


    Your superimposed lines are good but I happen to notice that for the longer lines, the starting end has some fraying lines. You should be putting the tip of your pen on the starting dot. No need to rush.

    For the ghosted lines, I see only a few lines that are wobbling. The rest of the lines are smooth and confident. Just keep focusing on the confidence, then work on your accuracy.

    There’s only a few wobbly lines from your ghosted planes as well, but it’s only a few. Not going to repeat what I said above. But you did a nice job on the ghosted planes.


    For the table of ellipses, you’ve done an incredible job for the most part. Just make sure that when you’re filling up the negative space, make sure that the ellipses don’t overlap.

    For the funnels, they’re really good but I don’t get the “funnels” on the top corners. I don’t think they’re really funnels. I don’t really see a minor axis on them. But, overall, great job.


    For the rough perspective exercises, make sure you’re making confident strokes because I’m seeing wobbling lines. Also, be sure that your vertical and horizontal lines are straighter.

    The rotated boxes are pretty good for the most part, except for the right side of the rotated boxes being a bit more foreshortened than the left side. Good job though.

    Overall, you did a pretty good job. I say go ahead to the 250 box challenge.

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    6:01 PM, Tuesday November 1st 2022

    Hello. I’ll be critiquing your work today.


    You did excellent on the superimposed lines. But on some lines, I see one line fraying on the starting dot. You should be aiming to put the pen on the dot. Otherwise, great job.

    For the ghosted lines, I’m seeing wobbly lines. Remember to prioritize confidence over accuracy. With practice, your accuracy will improve over time. Just focus on confidence, then once you get more confident, then work on your accuracy.

    For the ghosted planes, same thing like I said above but also, there are lines that are overarching. Make sure to draw with the shoulder pivot. If you are using the shoulder, try arching with the opposite direction.


    You did a decent job on the ellipses table. Just need to make sure the ellipses are touching the edges. Don’t forget to fill up the negative space of the ellipses.

    For the funnels, make sure the funnels are symmetrical, meaning there should be the same amount of ellipses on each side of the funnel. But overall, great job!


    The only quarrel I have with this section is that with the rough perspective exercise, I see lines wobbling. I don’t want to sound like a broken record but again, focus more on confidence instead of accuracy.

    But when it comes to the boxes section overall, you really did a nice job on them.

    All in all, I say you’ve done pretty well. You can definitely move on to the 250 box challenge.

    Next Steps:

    Start the 250 box challenge.

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    8:32 PM, Saturday March 12th 2022

    Hello trollfromhell. Thank you for the critique but I needed to ask you this one question: What does it mean for perspective to be extreme? Sure, I can't let the vanishing point get off the page but if it's not, how can it be too extreme? Why not go far off the middle of the horizon line?

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