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    4:29 PM, Saturday May 8th 2021

    Good job completing lesson 1!

    A few things to keep in mind moving forward:

    Don't try to re-do some lines that you got wrong, what happen happen, just keep going and try to do better on the next stroke. It's good to see the mistakes! They remind us of where we need to improve.

    Organic Perspective

    The perspective of some of your boxes is a bit rough... Remember to always use dots and the ghosting method to plan your next move. There is no need to rush or guess it.

    Rotated Boxes

    SOME of your boxes aren't rotated enough, for example the column on the right side, it's like they are on top of one another without any change.

    Also, the corners of your boxes should be closer to each other.

    "Keeping your gaps narrow and consistent is critical to being able to use neighbouring forms as effectively as possible to infer information about space."


    Some of your ellipses aren't aligned with the minor axis. Keep this in mind and practice in your warm-ups, as it will be important for future lessons.

    Overall I believe you did well understanding and executing the lesson and you are ready to move to the next step!!

    Next Steps:

    Remember to practice what you've learn so far 10-15 minutes each day. Go for the 250 box challenge

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    8:07 PM, Wednesday May 5th 2021

    Hi there! I'm also a beginner! Don't know how helpful I will be but I hope my lil experience can help somewhat.

    About your concerns:


    I think it's important to be kind to yourself! Don't see your work as "horrible", it's growing. Every attempt you make it's a great job, as long as you put the effort.

    The consistence and accuracy you will get it with practice and by going through a lot of mistakes.

    Don't know if you already read this but it's very helpful

    "Also the lines i made that are straight will stop shorter/longer than intended"

    I think, in my experience, one of the reasons it tends to happen it's a fear of not reaching, so you trying to compensate, or stop yourself trying to not get too far. A silly advice I can give you it's to just let it go! Use the ghosting technique as much as you need to feel safe, and then, stop thinking and just do the line. Overthinking makes things more difficult! Eventually you will just get used to the distance, thanks to doing it over and over.

    I also found Organic Perspective pretty confusing. That's okay though! It's the first lesson and we are just getting to learn about perspective! You will get lots of practice doing the 250 boxes.

    Maybe if you could study a real object, like a Rubik's cube you could see the differences with each rotation?

    Overall concerning your work I think you did really good! You understood the main goal for each and did your best attempt. Especially your Rotated Boxes.

    The things I notice to improve are:

    Rotation and perspective (Organic Perspective)

    Getting to the vanishing point (Rough Perspective)

    And in general improving the shaky boxes.

    But all of this it's expected since you are a beginner and just learning. You will improve as you keep moving forward!

    Congratulations in completing lesson 1! You did a good job focusing and studying your own work, I hope I get to see more of you in the next lessons c:

    Next Steps:

    Continue with the 250 boxes challenge! Also, don't forget to have mini sessions of practice using the exercises you've learn in Lesson 1!! Every day from 10-15 minutes or so.

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    7:08 PM, Wednesday May 5th 2021

    I would recommend for future lessons to try and get better and closer pictures if possible, it's a bit difficult to appreciate, and because of that, hard to give an accurate critique :c


    You did a decent job with the superimposed lines, but I notice that on the rest of the exercises your lines are very wobbly... You need to apply the determination you had at the beginning! One single and confident stroke. It's okay if it doesn't always end where you want it to be, as long as it's steady.


    Remember that you have to go through the ellipse at least twice! I think you did on some and not in others! Also, in your table some ellipses were too far apart, they need to touch.

    I would suggest you do one more page of Ellipses on planes, trying to make the planes less shaky.

    • Plot before you do the stroke.

    • Use dots to plan where do you want things to go.

    • Make use of the ghosting technique.

    • Take your time! Do NOT try to guess.

    Rough Perspective

    Due to the quality of the picture is hard to appreciate the main goal of this objective which is the vanishing point, but I think it was a solid attempt, specially the third one of the first page.

    Again, it's important that you work the confidence of your lines.

    Rotated Boxes

    I believe you did a really good job here!! I feel like the rotation is pretty good. Some got a bit wonky, but overall well done.

    Good job getting through lesson 1! I think the main thing to improve here are your strokes! So just keep practicing, one confident movement

    Next Steps:

    I highly recommend you do the 250 boxes! It will be good practice for you to get down those confident boxes. Give it love to each one of them, don't rush it, remember to plan and think before each stroke, and once you have decided, do it in one single movement.

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