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    7:11 PM, Monday April 5th 2021

    Hey Oroi! You've waited a while, huh.

    Your line exercises look good. The curved superimposed ones look a bit fuzzy, but that'll improve with enough time and practice.

    Ellipse exercises are also good. Some of the ellipses in the Funnels don't have their minor axis aligned to the middle line, just remember next time to draw them so that they're cleanly cut in half by the middle line.

    Your box exercises are well done! You got a good grasp of one-point perspective by the end of Rough Perspective. Some of the Organic Perspective boxes are definitely not cubes, but the important part is that they look and feel solid.

    Next Steps:

    Everything here looks really good! You understand the general idea of each exercise. Now move on to the 250 Box Challenge! I hope you didn't give up from the long wait.

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    6:34 PM, Monday April 5th 2021

    Hey Heidegaff! Your arrows look excellent, the line confidence on the really long ones makes them pop. The upper left section is kinda cluttered, but aside from that I don't see a whole lot of issues with them. Your leaves are also really good, you nailed the twisting and turning.

    Your branches, however, could be a little better. While your line confidence is still great here, the ellipses all have the same degree. This makes the branch look flat and not like it's moving through 3D space. Varying the degrees helps give the viewer the illusion that it's moving towards or away from them. I also noticed that not a single forking branch was practiced here, and it really shows on the stems of the Cuatresia. I'd highly recommend tackling this exercise again.

    As for the rest, your construction of flowers and mushrooms looks solid. Looks like you got a good grasp on how forms get wider or thinner. Since detail isn't the focus, I'd say it's alright to leave it out for now.

    Next Steps:

    You're so close to moving on, but I'm sorry to have to ask you to redo branches. Remember to vary your ellipse widths, and that the wider the ellipse, the more the section is faced towards the viewer. Maybe even practice drawing a plant with branching stems on top of that if you really want to. When that's all done, I won't bug you anymore... because Lesson 4's got plenty of bugs. Good luck!

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    4:56 PM, Monday April 5th 2021

    Very late on replying here, sorry, but thanks for checking out the drawings! Yeah, the Intersections were sketchy because it was tough for me to visualize where to place each of the forms. Just like the confident linework, it'll probably come with more practice and time.

    11:00 AM, Sunday September 27th 2020

    Hi again Madwood, thank you so much for going back and giving me a full critique! This really helps me out.

    Yeah I wasn't feeling the Plants Outside My House section either, but I figured getting it done was better than not at all. Trying to process all the detail got kind of overwhelming.

    I'll do my best to work on my additive construction, contour lines, silhouette lines, and line weights.

    2:13 AM, Tuesday September 22nd 2020

    Hi Madwood, thanks for taking the time to critique my work. As much as I'd like to accept your reply and move on to the next lesson as quickly as I can, I need a few pointers as to what I could be doing better and what I should aim for. So... I can't. Thanks again for checking my stuff out though.

    4:06 PM, Saturday September 12th 2020

    Hey Weijak, thank you so much for the review. I gave up on waiting for one and already moved on to Lesson 3.

    I'll do my best to work on my line confidence and brush up on the exercises you pointed out as warmups.

    Still not very confident in my ability to critique yet, but I can give it more of a shot.

    Again, thanks.

    3:00 AM, Sunday July 12th 2020

    Wow you got back to me fast. Good job! Everything looks a whole lot better. Rough Perspective is definitely wobbly still but you're slowly getting the hang of it. Next thing I'd focus on is angling the depth lines better towards the VP. Aside from that, I think you're good to move on to the 250 Box Challenge!

    Next Steps:

    Alright, next up for you is the big one. While you're drawing all those boxes, I highly recommend that before each drawing session, as a warm-up, that you practice two to three Lesson 1 exercises for 15 minutes total. Try to do ones that you feel a little rusty on, that way you stay sharp and retain what you've learned. It's going to be tough, but keep a steady pace and it'll all work out in the end. Good luck.

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    2:26 AM, Friday July 10th 2020

    Hi Scantrose,

    Your Superimposed Lines are well done. Not wobbly, frayed on only one end, and fairly straight. For your Ghosted Lines, it's hard to tell which dots are supposed to be marking the ends so it's hard to gauge accuracy. But by your Ghosted Planes your accuracy's improved a lot more, so you're good.

    Your Tables of Ellipses start off sketchy but tighten up a lot better by the end and into your Ellipses in Planes. Make sure that you're drawing through ellipses no more than 2 to 3 times; it's especially noticeable that you're overdrawing in the Funnel exercise. There's also... not enough varied Funnels with different lengths. Or funnels, really. And it looks like you're drawing with a ballpoint pen instead of a fineliner. You might have to redo this one.

    Your Plotted Perspective is good. Again, box size variation is key, but you got the general gist of the exercise.

    Your Rough Perspective is... well, rough. It looks like you're unsure of what you're doing so your lines are all wobbly. Remember that the width and height lines have to form perpendicular lines; all the front and back faces will be perfectly straight rectangles or squares. The depth lines, the ones "moving back" in space, should all aim towards the vanishing point as best as possible. Your correction lines extending from them should stop at the horizon line and not pass through; that way you can see how accurate you were without cluttering the page. You might have to redo this too.

    You gave the Rotated Boxes your best effort and you got the general idea, so good job. Same thing with your Organic Perspective. You'll get a lot more experience with drawing boxes once you move on to the 250 Box Challenge. But before then, I'm going to ask that you redo two pages before moving on.

    Next Steps:

    This should be easy enough: redo one page each of Funnels and Rough Perspective keeping the advice I gave in mind. Once you do that, you're all set for the 250 Box Challenge. You got this.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    1:58 AM, Sunday June 28th 2020

    Hiya Addy! Good job making it through Lesson 1! A little word of advice for next time, please upload your exercises in the proper lesson order so that it's easier for people to look through and see that you did the right number of exercise pages. And with that out of the way...

    Nice job on the Superimposed Lines and Ghosted Lines. Don't be afraid to vary them up more and let a few of them go across the whole page.

    Your Ghosted Planes and Planes in Ellipses are nicely done. Great job filling the whole page with them. Same thing with the Tables of Ellipses.

    The Funnels came out nicely. Only one I'd be concerned with is the circular one in the bottom right; the tinier circles should start out narrow and gradually widen. But you seem to have understood that when drawing the funnel next to it, so you're good.

    You did your Plotted Perspective well. I noticed some of the boxes hidden behind others haven't been drawn all the way through and end behind the box; it's important to draw those hidden lines regardless so you get a good idea of the 3D form.

    The colored lines on your Rough Perspective should end at the horizon line and not pass through; that way it's easier for you to tell how far off from the vanishing point your angles were. Otherwise, well done.

    Your Rotated Boxes aren't exactly perfect, but then again they weren't meant to be. The important thing is that you did it the best you could, so good job.

    Your Organic Perspective came out a lot differently then it was supposed to; instead of using the whole page, you were supposed to divide the page into frames and draw inside them. A little more box overlap would help give more of a sense of depth too. But you seem to have gotten the general idea of it, so you're okay.

    Next Steps:

    I won't ask you to redo any of the exercises, but when you move on to the 250 Box Challenge, try to warm up before each session of box drawing by picking two to three exercises and practicing them for 15 minutes total. It'll help a lot in the long run. Things are gonna get tough from here on out, but keep up the pace and I'm sure you'll do great.

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    8:51 PM, Sunday May 31st 2020

    Thanks for the critique Verounsen! I'll practice Organic Perspectives more during my 15-minute warmups.

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