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    6:52 AM, Friday September 17th 2021

    Oh yeah, and thanks again for critiquing my own 250 Boxes. I'm a little late, but hopefully this was enough to return the favor.

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    6:48 AM, Friday September 17th 2021

    Grats on completing the challenge Vaniilo, it's a real marathon.

    One thing that jumps out at me right away is how a lot of the center boxes have almost the same proportions and orientation, like 187 to 203. You'll learn a lot more trying all different kinds of sizes and angles than trying to perfect that one box over and over again.

    Your line confidence is fairly well done, though I do see a few times here and there where you retraced a line. Try not to overdo it, as retracing the line makes it bolder and more obvious that you made a mistake.

    Your angles vary but you seem to have a good grasp on it, seeing that you got several perfect convergences. Just remember to be aware that there's two different kinds of foreshortening (dramatic and shallow), and to practice both.

    I like the small notes you did on each page, you clearly knew the most important parts that you needed to work on and fixed them accordingly. I think with enough time and practice, you can easily iron out all the small kinks in your boxes. Keep going!

    Next Steps:

    I can see that you're already midway through Lesson 2 and well on track! Keep it up!! You got this.

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    5:19 AM, Friday September 17th 2021

    Thanks for the critique, Vaniilo! I actually moved on long long ago, in fact I just turned in my homework for Lesson 6 yesterday haha. I see what you mean about the lines quickly converging, I'm definitely sure it'll get better with enough practice. And I'll try that visualization trick for sure.

    8:42 PM, Tuesday May 18th 2021

    Oh dang, thanks for taking the time to reply. I just found out about your reply just now too, haha. It's been so long I forgot what I typed till I reread it.

    That really is a whole lot better, good job.

    Next Steps:

    Go on to Lesson 4! Or wait... 5. Good luck!

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    7:11 PM, Monday April 5th 2021

    Hey Oroi! You've waited a while, huh.

    Your line exercises look good. The curved superimposed ones look a bit fuzzy, but that'll improve with enough time and practice.

    Ellipse exercises are also good. Some of the ellipses in the Funnels don't have their minor axis aligned to the middle line, just remember next time to draw them so that they're cleanly cut in half by the middle line.

    Your box exercises are well done! You got a good grasp of one-point perspective by the end of Rough Perspective. Some of the Organic Perspective boxes are definitely not cubes, but the important part is that they look and feel solid.

    Next Steps:

    Everything here looks really good! You understand the general idea of each exercise. Now move on to the 250 Box Challenge! I hope you didn't give up from the long wait.

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    6:34 PM, Monday April 5th 2021

    Hey Heidegaff! Your arrows look excellent, the line confidence on the really long ones makes them pop. The upper left section is kinda cluttered, but aside from that I don't see a whole lot of issues with them. Your leaves are also really good, you nailed the twisting and turning.

    Your branches, however, could be a little better. While your line confidence is still great here, the ellipses all have the same degree. This makes the branch look flat and not like it's moving through 3D space. Varying the degrees helps give the viewer the illusion that it's moving towards or away from them. I also noticed that not a single forking branch was practiced here, and it really shows on the stems of the Cuatresia. I'd highly recommend tackling this exercise again.

    As for the rest, your construction of flowers and mushrooms looks solid. Looks like you got a good grasp on how forms get wider or thinner. Since detail isn't the focus, I'd say it's alright to leave it out for now.

    Next Steps:

    You're so close to moving on, but I'm sorry to have to ask you to redo branches. Remember to vary your ellipse widths, and that the wider the ellipse, the more the section is faced towards the viewer. Maybe even practice drawing a plant with branching stems on top of that if you really want to. When that's all done, I won't bug you anymore... because Lesson 4's got plenty of bugs. Good luck!

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
    4:56 PM, Monday April 5th 2021

    Very late on replying here, sorry, but thanks for checking out the drawings! Yeah, the Intersections were sketchy because it was tough for me to visualize where to place each of the forms. Just like the confident linework, it'll probably come with more practice and time.

    11:00 AM, Sunday September 27th 2020

    Hi again Madwood, thank you so much for going back and giving me a full critique! This really helps me out.

    Yeah I wasn't feeling the Plants Outside My House section either, but I figured getting it done was better than not at all. Trying to process all the detail got kind of overwhelming.

    I'll do my best to work on my additive construction, contour lines, silhouette lines, and line weights.

    2:13 AM, Tuesday September 22nd 2020

    Hi Madwood, thanks for taking the time to critique my work. As much as I'd like to accept your reply and move on to the next lesson as quickly as I can, I need a few pointers as to what I could be doing better and what I should aim for. So... I can't. Thanks again for checking my stuff out though.

    4:06 PM, Saturday September 12th 2020

    Hey Weijak, thank you so much for the review. I gave up on waiting for one and already moved on to Lesson 3.

    I'll do my best to work on my line confidence and brush up on the exercises you pointed out as warmups.

    Still not very confident in my ability to critique yet, but I can give it more of a shot.

    Again, thanks.

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