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    1:00 AM, Monday February 7th 2022

    Hi there! This is looking good! One thing that stood out to me when looking at your work were the elipses, specifically in the ghost planes. I would say if you can try to keep the numbers of draw-through's of the elipses to only two times. Just so it can still have a better structure without looking to scratchy. One other thing that stood out to me were the lines of the planes themselves they seem to wobble just a tad so keep an eye out for that in the future. Well done!

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    9:20 PM, Saturday February 5th 2022

    Hello there! Your excersises look great! The one thing i did notice a lot throughout your work are the wobbly lines. I would say make sure youre ghosting and using your shoulder when creating those marks so that they come out confident and strong. I noticed it the most in your ghosted planes exercise. So just work on that ans that should definitley elevate your work!

    Next Steps:

    Try doing some more ghosted lines, possibly go over the ghosted planes exercise again.

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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