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    8:34 AM, Saturday August 15th 2020

    Thanks for the critique. It had been really helpful :)

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    9:32 AM, Friday August 14th 2020

    I think you should sometimes try to draw spontaneously when you just scribble some random lines and make it out sg. because then you won't really have a specific picture in your head you will only get one while the process. Also, try to draw everything twice, when you creat your first work came back a few days later look at the mistakes you had made and do it again( trust me it will be better). And sometimes stay away from social media(or at least the art side of it) because it can really hurt your self-esteem. I don't know if this things will work for you but If you want give it a try ;)

    8:11 AM, Wednesday August 12th 2020

    Thanks for the critique. Here is the correction. On the third picture that mess is blood because I accidentally cut my finger while drawing, so don't get it wrong I didn't try to experiment with colours or eat my lunch on the paper.

    3:33 PM, Friday July 31st 2020

    Thanks for the critique! :)

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Alvin TD1267 Even Ellipse Master Template

This recommendation is really just for those of you who've reached lesson 6 and onwards.

I haven't found the actual brand you buy to matter much, but most of those that I've seen are produced by Alvin. This one is a "master" template, which will give you a broad range of ellipse degrees and sizes (this one ranges between 0.25 inches and 1.5 inches), and is a good place to start. You may end up finding that this range limits the kinds of ellipses you draw, forcing you to work within those bounds, but it may still be worth it as full sets of ellipse guides can run you quite a bit more, simply due to the sizes and degrees that need to be covered.

No matter which brand of ellipse guide you decide to pick up, make sure they have little markings for the minor axes.

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