Hello, Photon_. I hope to give comprehensive feedback


Looking at the superimposed and ghosted lines, there is a fair bit of wobbling occurring more notably in the longer lines. Continuing to practice the confidence as you make the marks will certainly help you here.

There is also a bit of arcing that happens in some of the ghosted lines. Remember to try arcing the other way to counteract it. Overall, these pages are not bad either.

As for the planes, wobbling seems to be much more apparent for some of them, like the concern for getting the dots to connect is being prioritized, especially for the inner lines on the first page. Be sure to follow through with your shoulder as you create each line, and this will be helpful for you as a warmup.


I like the tables of ellipses here, showing a lot more confidence throughout. Continue to ghost and follow through with the shoulder.

Ellipses within planes, although not entirely tight with the additional passes yet, do also exhibit confidence. Continue to practice these with time as a warmup.

For the funnels, be mindful to align them to the minor axis; it can also help you as a guide to be sure to divide the ellipses exactly in half as there is some slanting occurring.


Well done on the plotted perspective exercise, as well as on the rough perspective. Although the latter isn't perfect when converging with the vanishing point, I do notice the effort in keeping the vertical and horizontal lines perpendicular and parallel respectively to the horizon line.

The rotated boxes have nice consistent spacing between them; keep in mind the two axes you've drawn for the boxes, as it looks like the immediate lateral boxes have some skewing to them. Aa a helpful hint, adhering to the axes will keep the appropriate lines parallel / perpendicular to the axes as well as give a guideline to divide it into equal pieces, much like the ellipses in the funnels exercise.

Finally, for the organic perspective, I noticed some of the boxes aren't drawn through when they overlap. Drawing through will be very helpful for this exercise for figuring out the placement in 3D space for each box, so this is what I will recommend you do.

Overall, good job on completing the first lesson once again. Being that you've shared this is your second go at it, I would say there is definitely noticeable improvement to the first. Just be sure to keep using these exercises as warmups to solidify your understanding of these essentials.