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    3:23 PM, Saturday April 8th 2023

    thank you so much for the feedback it's very helpful! good luck on your draw a box journey i will draw another page of Organic Intersections you are completely correct on that, i will work on my lines and not rushing things, thank you so much again!!!!!!!!

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    6:14 PM, Thursday March 23rd 2023

    this is very well done ! i'm impressed and think you did it all correctly, i think you can move on to the next lesson

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    well done

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    9:08 PM, Wednesday October 26th 2022

    thanks a lot, it was very helpful good luck on your draw a box/art journey :>

    7:07 PM, Sunday October 23rd 2022

    Thank you I will try my best! Good luck to you as well

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    10:24 PM, Saturday October 22nd 2022

    hi, i notice that your lines curve a bit in the ghosted lines exercise, I do see your improvement in the future exercises, great job, tho some lins still Curve a bit, keep in mind that confidence is more important than accuracy for now,

    I see that in the ellipses planes you go over your lines only once, always make sure to read the instructions in detail, I do see that in your future ellipsis you do go over your lines twice so don't worry too much about that,

    in your rough perspective you go over your lines a lot, it's better to leave the line as is since putting another line only puts attention on your mistake, your Funnels look pretty good, in some of them your minor axisis are a bit off, your Rotated Boxes are pretty good overall I do see some lines missing on the top corners tho I get it, it's very easy to get lost in the lines otherways you did great on them, I see that your Organic Perspective is missing, I assume you forgot to add it? or you didn't realize it was there, so please add those, otherwys I think your reddy to move on to the 250 box challenge,

    tho I just started this course so I'm not the most reliable on this,

    still, i hope I helped

    good luck whit draw a box and art in general,

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