I recently came back from a two month break. While I was "taking a break," I did try to stay inspired. I looked at artist on twitter, I reminded myself to do quick train ride sketches, and I went to the art store to get some material to study color theory as a side project. Then after I felt like I had fought with trying to stay productive enough, I was able to really work in the 50/50 rule to my life. This a brief idea of my life from Feb 22-April 22. I too battle with depression and I'm not on meds with ADHD. Today, I feel ready to begin, and I feel like the first two months were a trial haha. I've only know about this website since January 2022

Taking a break is okay! Stay focused on what you want to personally achieve, even if it isn't consistent yet.

Hope this advice helps, this is all I have from my experience so far.