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    5:37 AM, Friday September 25th 2020

    Apologies for the very very late revision and possibly a poor one. Month has been crazy and pen was dying so apologies.

    8:39 AM, Monday September 7th 2020

    Oh goodness, I did not get this notification when I checked it seems.

    I can now see my mistakes and shall do my best to correct at the pace you suggest.

    4:11 AM, Friday July 3rd 2020

    Oh my, I wasn't expecting such a quick reply, so sorry for such a late revision.

    I had reused them for the dissections and not taken a photo, so I sadly had to redo them now,so I apologize if they are a bit messy, but hopefully they show the understanding of the material.

    6:10 AM, Tuesday May 26th 2020

    Thank you very much for the lengthy critique despite it possibly being outdated, I will continue to work on the warmups and thankfully I have been doing mostly elipses in planes to practice my confident lines and ellipses. So hopefully there is already improvement. Thank you again for your time, I shall see you or some other teacher in a few weeks for the 250 boxes.

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