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    2:03 AM, Thursday November 23rd 2023

    Hi Rhyldur, I am doing well. Just recovered from some sickness and feeling pretty good now. Thanks for the compliments. I've started freelancing on Upwork and have found it important to create specific portfolios for the kinds of work I want to do; so I focused more on letters for a bit as I do enjoy that.

    The book is ready for you :) You can begin creating your contribution whenever you're ready. When you're finished you can either send the final art to my email or upload it somewhere for me to download (e.g. Imgur). Please make your art with a ratio of 8:11 (landscape) as those are the dimensions of the book. Get creative and have fun.

    Sorry for any confusion. What I meant by "public contact info" is anything you feel comfortable sharing publicly. It need not contain any personally identifiable info. If you go through with the anon account, I'd be interested to see more of your work there; though, I don't personally have an Instagram account, so I'd be limited to seeing only your most recent posts. Might I recommend an ArtStation account or something of the like which would not limit what non-users can see (Instagram limits scrolling and clicking posts)?

    If you know another artist who would like to contribute, go ahead and invite them to follow your lead.

    5:43 PM, Tuesday October 17th 2023

    You're welcome, Malcress.

    5:13 PM, Tuesday October 10th 2023

    I was able to finish lesson 5

    Way to go, Rhyldur.

    I would like to make a digital contribution

    Thank you for accepting my invitation. Yes, you can contribute digitally; but please wait till the current artist is finished and I update the online record; the current artist may also pass the book to another artist before I get it back. I'll reach out to you when the book is available for you to contribute. Here is the book introduction. Would you be willing to provide any public contact info for the record if other artists want to get in touch?

    4:56 PM, Tuesday October 10th 2023

    Wow, what an injurious past XD Sorry to hear about your broken arm. I also have a slightly crooked finger from volleyball. I really enjoy the overhand grip for drawing with pencil. Yay for the Powerball; I'm glad you have access to one.

    You're welcome. I wish you the best going forward.

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    1:42 PM, Friday September 22nd 2023

    I'm sorry to hear of your pain due to drawing. I know all our bodies are a bit different and have different strengths and weakness, but I don't remember having had wrist pain from a lot of drawing for the last 4 years (now, computer mouse and keyboard usage is a different story :) ). How do you hold your pencil/pen and how tightly? Your grip should be rather relaxed (avoid the death grip!). Do you draw a lot with your fingers and wrist? For detailed work this is necessary, but for bigger parts of your work such as gesture, long lines, ellipses, etc. try locking your wrist and moving your whole arm including from the elbow and shoulder. I do recall getting shoulder and general arm fatigue, but with consistent daily usage my arm adapted and got used to it. How big do you draw? The smaller you make your drawings, the more tiny detail work you'll have to do.

    I'm no doctor, but to compensate for the huge amount of computer work I do, I've been regularly using the Powerball most mornings for a few weeks; I think it has helped. I'll also occasionally do some extensor exercises to try to re-balance the forearm muscles for carpal tunnel discomfort. Also on the computer side of things, I recently switched my mouse usage to my non-dominant hand to give my right hand a rest. I do still have wrist issues due to high computer usage.

    3:20 AM, Saturday September 2nd 2023

    Hi Rhyldur,

    I'm glad you're still trucking on. As we discussed, I got on the Finishing Train as I stepped away from DAB and I'm enjoying the ride . . . or is it a marathon XD. I just began my own art collaboration in the form of a sketchbook. I have made the only contribution so far, but I will soon be passing it on to another artist to add to it: Follow My Lead.

    Never thought of it since I don't consider my drawings to have much personality or style to even collaborate with someone. The more I learn the more I realize how far I am from the point of consider myself even an "amateur" artist.

    From what I've seen of your work you have a lot to offer; you have much room to grow and so do I. Style is the result of our process and the natural tendencies we develop as we create and grow. An authentic drawing is (probably) as unique as your fingerprint. Would you (yes YOU) at least consider making a contribution to the collab at some point? I could try to mail the book to wherever you are in the world. You're the only artist I connected with consistently on DAB and would love for you to be a part of this collab.

    I never joined Discord, but thanks for the suggestion.

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    12:53 AM, Wednesday July 19th 2023

    Right on, Drusk. Quality stuff.

    9:31 PM, Saturday July 15th 2023

    Hi Rhyldur,

    Well this was a too long break, to be honest. I'm really sorry for leaving you hanging. You did not overstepped any boundaries, it was just my life getting rougher and harder that I was emotionally drained to even answer some messages.

    I'm glad there was no offense, but sorry to hear your life's getting rougher. I would encourage you look to God for strength and guidance by reading the Bible (listening to what God has said) and praying (talking to God). He does care; God can use hard times to lead us to Him.

    I'm quite pleased and proud of what you have accomplished and I hope you the best outside DAB.

    Thank you.

    Have you ever considered doing collaborations with other artists? I've had the interest for a while, but I don't know any professional / committed artists.

    I wish you the best Rhyldur. If you ever want to get in touch you know where to reach me.

    4:20 AM, Thursday June 29th 2023

    Hi Rhyldur,

    I hope you're keeping well. I decided not to finish Drawabox. I finished Lesson 5 and have been focusing more heavily on illustrating recently. I learned much from DAB, but I feel that my time would be better used finishing art rather than spending so much time on exercises.

    I probably won't be on the DAB platform much; so if you'd like to connect you can do so at nathan at nathanparkinson dot com.

    Take care.

    3:56 AM, Saturday February 11th 2023

    Hi Rhyldur,

    Coming at you with another finished piece! This time with some digital spice!! A special appetizer I like to call Fishlev.

    I plan to do more digital art; I've got my first drawing tablet on the way! Woot woot!!

    I hope you're doing alright. Sorry if you feel I've been pressuring you to spend more time on art than you're ready for right now. My intention was only to encourage you along your art journey, but since I've not gotten a response in a while I wonder if I've overstepped my bounds. I hope to hear from you soon.

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