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    7:33 PM, Monday February 17th 2020

    20 more boxes

    Thanks for the critic. I tried my best to overestimate the angle, but some still did opposing (Seems like I need to do more boxes in warm up). For now, I try to think about how all those planes parallel to each other when I draw them.

    8:54 PM, Friday February 7th 2020

    Thanks, I was using the graph paper to save time on drawing the frame mainly, I tried my best not to just follow those printed lines on the paper. As my excuse on redoing line, sometime I draw broken line with my fine liner, because ink does not flow probably onto the paper (may be a broken tip or paper). So I need to redraw it to see the line. Anyway, I need to draw more boxes now.

    7:29 PM, Friday February 7th 2020

    Thank you for the comment, now I am surprise on the comment on the Funnels because I though the ellipses have the same problem as the other page. But I admit I rotate too many times, this is an old habit as I used to draw circle with pencil and rotate until it look round enough.

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