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    3:05 AM, Tuesday August 23rd 2022

    Thanks for your critique Uncomfortable. I've tried to fix all those comments - hope i got it right now :)

    9:01 AM, Wednesday August 3rd 2022

    Hi Uncomfortable, thanks for your feedback. The exercise is really tough, and seems to be impossible at times... I tried to minimize the "tidying up" keeping mostly the constructure lines.

    8:54 PM, Wednesday June 29th 2022

    Many thanks for your kind feedback :)

    10:53 AM, Tuesday June 28th 2022

    Hi Uncomfortable,

    Thank you very much for the detailed critique. I finally got the templates - it took ages for Amazon to deliver them, but now i can make those nice tidy ellipses!

    4:14 AM, Saturday May 14th 2022

    Hi Uncomfortable, here they are - 10 more cylinders in boxes...

    8:48 AM, Tuesday May 10th 2022

    Hi Uncomfortable,

    Thanks for your review. I've completed 30 extra cylinders - hope i got the task right now.

    6:54 AM, Friday April 1st 2022

    Thank you very much for your thorough review, and for this very detailed feedback that you provided. I've reviewed again all feedback from lessons 3 - 5, and tried to follow your suggestions. Hope I addressed most of the noted issues.

    With the line weight my main problem is that when I try to repeat a line over the first one - the trajectory is lost, and then it looks ugly, and I try to fix it by going over it several times - and the result does look very heavy... Also with all the construction lines the resulting image looks to me more like a maze, so heavier lines were my answer when defining the forms, but apparently this was a wrong answer :) I tried to minimize this now, restraining myself from going over and over those lines.

    Well, I guess the only option to improve is to practice more... Happy to get a pass/fail assessment, but if you could give a cople of words on what has improved and what has not it would be absolutely great! I realized that self-critique does not really work here: I either like the resulting drawings or (most of the time) hate them - this is not really an analysis :)!

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    4:55 AM, Friday February 18th 2022

    Hi there,

    Congrats on completion your Lesson 1.

    Some comments from me:

    • your superimposed lines generally look good, they are of a consistent trajectory. However, on several occasions i think i see that they are not properly lined up in the beginning. My suggestion would be to slow down and to take care when starting them.

    • The ghosted lines/planes are fairly confident. You’ve generally kept them smooth and straight, the whole way through, and not forgotten about the start/end points of the non-diagonal center lines.

    • The table of ellipses and the ellipses in planes look mostly good. A few minor things. Try to hit the 2 rotations as per instructions - some of the ellipses were missing the second rotation. On the other hand, some others had more than two rotations - I am not sure if this represents a problem, but i would suggest to the recommended two rotations anyway. Also look for if pointy ellipses (because pointy ellipse = elbow/wrist).

    • The funnels look solid. Just be sure that the minor axis extends all the way through your ellipses; or, conversely, if there’s no more minor axis, simply don’t add another ellipse – it’ll be one aligned to nothing, and that’s not of much use to us.

    • The plotted perspective exercise looks clean.

    • The rough perspective exercise looks good. A couple of things: not to stick to your original guesses. In other words, after you’ve plotted a point, check it, by ghosting it to the horizon, and altering it as needed, before committing to it. Also - to be selective when applying line weight, as at the moment i can see a bit of randomness.

    • The rotated boxes exercise looks good. It’s big, its boxes are snug, and properly rotating. The boxes themselves aren’t always correct, as per you being forced to prioritize their neighboring edges above all else, but that’s perfectly fine.

    • The organic perspective exercise looks good. As per their increase in size, and consistent, shallow foreshortening, your boxes flow as intended. Some issues with the line weight again, so the same suggestion here - to slow down, and to take care when working with them.

    Generally - good job on this lesson. I suggest you incorporate the exersices from Lesson 1 to your warm up routine, and move to the box challenge.

    9:47 PM, Friday January 21st 2022

    I think this is great job on Lesson 1, all lines are clean and confident, and all exersices look very solid.

    I do see some pointy ellipses, and you probably need to work on drawing from your shoulder (because pointy ellipse = elbow/wrist). But this can be incorporated in your regular warm-up routine.

    I'm sure you should move to 250 box challenge, and good luck!

    9:41 PM, Friday January 21st 2022

    I agree with this review. The main problem seems to be the lack of confidence. Almost all lines look wobbly, so I think before moving to other exersices some practice is required to achieve confidence in mark maiking. This is probably the main goal of Lesson 1.

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