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    12:22 PM, Tuesday March 5th 2024

    Hello, sorry for the delay, but I got the 30 extra boxes done.

    I focused on leaving the converging point closer this time, though I did try some farther ones on a few of the boxes.

    I think these extra ones helped tighten up the converging lines, even when some of them accidentally converge in pairs, they're still closer to the others, instead of deviating completely.

    11:37 AM, Wednesday December 20th 2023

    Hello, thanks for taking you time to review my submission. As for the points you made, you are totally correct, since I'm practically starting from 0, I'm still getting used to drawing from the shoulder, it still feels a little weird, to be honest, even as I'm getting used to it, and line confidence is still somewhat of a 50/50 because of me trying to be accurate.

    The biggest problem currently I feel is that I'm not completely consistent when drawing on whether I try to be accurate or confident, so it ends up with some of the inconsistencies on the drawings, but I usually make an effort to not try and go out of my way to correct them, considering the mentality of "owing up to the mistakes" and not grinding, as mentioned in lesson 0. Hopefully I'll whittle my bad habits down as I keep following the lessons, and develop better ones in their place.

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