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    9:50 PM, Monday February 6th 2023

    Theres a link in the lesson that gives you a random y, which is how you should start your boxes. the rest you just fill in. I only recommend doing it a couple times instead of relying on it though. Other than that you just figure it out the more you do it. I would also recommend drawing different lengths on the first three legs of the "y".

    heres the link for the random y generator

    10:44 PM, Tuesday January 31st 2023

    These are the two completed lessons you asked me to do.

    10:00 PM, Monday January 30th 2023

    So I'm having some trouble understanding what you mean about width on the sausages. I tried my best to make some different forms to see which one would have the most consistent width. The link is provided above. As for the arrows, I understand what you mean and I will complete that, I just need so clarification on the organic intersections. Thanks!

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    7:56 PM, Friday January 27th 2023

    Great job on getting through lesson 1! Before I critique your lesson I just wanted to point out that your missing one page of rough perspective, but that's all that's missing.

    First off, your lines look pretty good so far, but remember that for the ghosted lines exercise you should plot two points - one for where you start and one for where you end. This is to give you direction in your mark making and not just the actual marking.

    Second, your ellipses also look good. On the first page of tables of ellipses there were a couple of ellipses you didn't draw through a second, but it looks in the second page you remembered to do so.

    Lastly, your boxes are getting there, but it seems they don't want to rotate for you. The rotated boxes exercise is especially hard, but you should still try and think about how they rotate at different perspectives and how the edges and vertexes get smaller as the sides that aren't facing you turn away.

    Next Steps:

    When you get the last page of rough perspective done you should be able to move onto the 250 box challenge and have lesson 1 marked as complete. Good luck!

    When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
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    7:44 PM, Thursday January 26th 2023

    First of all, great job on completing lesson 1!

    I can see your lines get better as the lesson goes on, just remember that you should make consistent marks by following through all the way to end with confidence. Same goes for the ellipses, make sure that they don't wobble and that they are consistent. I still struggle with ellipses myself, so something I try to remember is to slow down when I ghost them as I tend to try and speed up while trying to find that consistency. As for your boxes I think your getting the hang of it, just keep in mind that even for smaller boxes you should still use the ghosting method on them.

    Next Steps:

    Over all, great work! I would try and practice my lines more now with the warm ups you will be doing after this lesson, mainly superimposed lines and ghosted planes. The tables of ellipses is excellent for ellipses, and the organic perspective is great for boxes. You should still try and change it up a bit and practice the other lessons on your warm ups, but I find those to be the most effective. Another thing to note is to try and use copying paper for the coming lessons, as it is the preferred method.

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    9:35 PM, Tuesday January 24th 2023

    Thanks man I appreciate it. yeah the texture sausages were pretty difficult for me, but i think it's already begun to help me. Thanks for taking the time to look at work!

    10:54 PM, Friday December 9th 2022

    Thank you very much! I appreciate the time and effort you've put in order to help me.

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