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    1:25 AM, Wednesday January 31st 2024

    MOST appreciated sir. This fills me with joy hearing this from THE man himself. I honestly did not feel like my submission was very good, but I must have been doubting myself. Thank you very much and have a great day!

    12:47 AM, Thursday November 2nd 2023

    Sounds good. Thanks again for all the help!

    2:13 AM, Wednesday November 1st 2023

    The critique you provided was very helpful in many ways, and it was difficult to observe my references more closely, but I can feel my understanding of 3D improving little by little. Thanks for the time and effort!

    6:51 PM, Saturday September 23rd 2023

    This is a very thorough critique, and I appreciate the reiteration of previous lessons and points being made. Upon further inspection I see that I had really forgotten that the whole point of this course wasn't to draw pretty drawings. I will take notes as you've instructed, as there is so much info it would be hard to just try and remember all of it. Thanks for the detailed explanation!

    6:10 PM, Sunday August 27th 2023

    Thank you very much for the extremely helpful information. I'll try to remember to refer to this specific critique when I feel unsure about some of these subjects. Again thank you so much for the detailed response, it seriously helps a lot.

    9:29 PM, Wednesday July 12th 2023

    Okay thank you for the help. I'll try and get some more practice through the warm up exercises.

    12:28 AM, Wednesday July 12th 2023

    Thanks for the critique, this one has really given me a lot trouble. I tried my best, but I still think my plants look a little weird.

    4:21 PM, Tuesday June 27th 2023

    Looks good! Sorry for such a late response, I just fixed my computer. Good luck on the next lesson.

    Next Steps:

    Please move on to the 250 box challenge. Good luck!

    This community member feels the lesson should be marked as complete, and 2 others agree. The student has earned their completion badge for this lesson and should feel confident in moving onto the next lesson.
    8:35 PM, Wednesday May 31st 2023

    Thank you, I truly appreciate your detailed critique!

    9:48 PM, Monday May 15th 2023

    Thanks, I appreciate the critique.

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