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    9:29 AM, Thursday February 20th 2020

    Thank you for the feedback. I must admit I was a bit surprised that I didn't get the intersections as redo but plan to put them for the next few months as warm-ups so I get a stronger sense of them.

    Also you reminded me to look at piece as how strong/weak they sustain the illusion, this is a greater and more important that how 'beautiful','good' etc they look. All in all, as you pointed out, this was a full journey with a lot of struggles but also accomplishments, I feel I have improved a lot not that important if it shows but how different I see 3D space (not gonna lie, got a lot to work on but I like the direction is going)

    P.S. I strongly feel I should do the 100 chests, they will offer something different or at least to solidify the skills, so onto that next.

    9:11 AM, Monday February 17th 2020

    Is there anything else to say? Great explication especially the 'read a bit of theory then 10x more practice', sums it up perfectly.

    The only thing I think I would add is that online courses/art-schools and such offer just a shortcut but also can get in the way if they are not on the mindset of the student and the way he learns.

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    3:15 PM, Friday February 14th 2020

    Ok so this is exactly with what I dealt in the past and still am in a way but it has much improved. To be warned it will be a wall of text cause I feel strongly connected to this and dunno how to say it otherwise. Also I do not in any shape or form what to attack, or to insult or to make your depression any less than it is and I apologies in advance if I make things sound that way. It makes me extremely happy to hear that it is improving and you are taking care of yourself which is the most important at the end of your day.

    First things first, I was the same in terms of looking at myself like an 'artistic person', I learned to draw out of envy and to prove, mostly to myself, that either I can do it and learn or it has to do something to do with talent, god given, magical. But to my surprise I discovered it was exactly how it is, it is hard work, a skill and the magic comes in the persistence of it rather than 'having it' and everybody can learn it no matter what.

    Secondly, what you describe about mostly it feels to me like expectation and hyping it up way too much. What I mean by that is, as I used to do it, see an artist on Youtube describing a how to draw something specific using method X, I would watch it get so excited that next time I will draw I will do it but when next time came I would open the video, do what he says but somehow the end result was nothing compared to his, but even worse was nothing compared to what I expected it to be, so that would dictate how the time spent was and usually in a negative way, it would tore me apart, I would want to quit, I would just use whatever excuse/words to make it negative and bad.

    How I changed that was mostly to force myself to do something which I call automatic drawing where you put the pen/pencil/tool to paper and start doing random stuff without any specific goal, only to do random lines/shape for the sake of it with the end result being something abstract. So in a way the end result would not matter at all cause you can barely understand what it is so you cannot put your finger on how how good/bad it is, it just is. This will give you the confidence and the enjoyment you need on the act, the process, the lines, dare I say fun in order to continue to pursue drawing

    Now to the last part, the making and the quiting. So as you said it will take time, it will mean hard work but if you quit a few days after each session how do you improve? The solution, draw every day, create the habit.

    See what this does it will relieve the pressure and the fear you currently have to start each session and in a way, I hope, stop the quiting. It is a simple as deciding and accepting that you will do it each day no matter what.

    How to achieve this? Schedule in your calendar a time to get reminded each day at a specific moment and when that notification hits, just take a piece of paper and a pencil and go at it.

    For how long? Well it depends on you but at first go as small as possible, lets say 6 minutes, simply put a timer and when that finishes you can choose to continue (OPTIONAL) or stop, you showed up, it is good enough.

    The most important is that you show up each day for the little time you said you will, with each small step a confidence in yourself is built and in the long run the enjoyment/fun will trump everything else

    But what if I miss a day? Well here is where things get tricky, it is easy to just go back to torment yourself and start bullying yourself that you are not cutting for this that yada yada yada OR just admit that this is actually a reality and it will happen maybe sonner maybe later but it will happen so you can cut yourself some slack, you can always start again the next day, this is a never ending ongoing process and a missed day does not even matter in the grand scheme of things.

    But what if I am not at home? Just carry a sketchbook as small as possible and a pen with you and can pull it out everywhere and just do the time. Make that also a habit.

    But what if ... Ok I will stop. This was the most effective way for me to do it and break the damn loop of torment and regret, and I can confirm based on myself that this actually works so I am hoping if you choose to do it, help you as well. If you have any other questions, just fly them at me

    10:34 AM, Monday February 10th 2020

    Wow great mini tutorials in terms of photos! Thank you!

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    10:56 AM, Friday February 7th 2020

    Oh man I love them. They are simple and clear and you can get what you wanted to do in certain parts. Just keep going!

    3:50 PM, Monday February 3rd 2020

    This such a great idea with the daily post on the channel since is all about drawing and posting and not get your ego struck or care for the end piece, I will try from today to take up that challenge. Thank you!

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    10:47 AM, Monday February 3rd 2020

    Great job, keep going!

    For your next challenge I would suggest a few without a timer and just take as much time as you want untill you feel 'is good enough'/done.

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