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    6:22 PM, Wednesday September 1st 2021

    Thanks for your feedback. I hope they're better now.

    2:51 AM, Sunday July 18th 2021

    Thanks! Wow!

    1:51 PM, Sunday July 4th 2021

    Hi Tofu. Thanks for the feedback! I will try to make the most of it.

    You're making me see things I didn't notice like texture, and the fact that I was focused on negative space.

    I will have to read this more to have in mind all your comments :)

    Thanks again!

    12:57 PM, Wednesday June 16th 2021

    Hi Tofu.

    Thank you for your critique.

    It's great to know that specific things your're pointing. What you said about pairing and parallels will help me a lot. I appreciate it.

    5:29 PM, Wednesday April 28th 2021

    Hi! JCTRISK. Thanks for taking the time to see/check/review my work!!!

    Sorry for the late reply, I just saw it and I'm really happy to read it.

    I'm already working on Lesson 3. I need to take photos of the other lessons.

    I see you completed Lesson 5. Amazing. Keep the good work!! This review motivated me to comment on other people's work :)

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